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E-learning is one of the learning structure for people or individuals, Either the person is student or a working professional , e-learning makes education easy and flexible to everyone. One can have classes at his couch with a cup of coffee, which boosts energy too.

Online Learning
Online Learning

E-learning will rule the world or ruin the world.

E-learning is the future of technology . The coming generation schooling will be the virtual world but its also come up .....

School Library

Learning Management Systems (LMS) – Is it required and what should it have?

LMS or learning management systems are one of the driving factors of organizations, as they signify development of an individual and when an............

Mobile Phone

Mobile Learning is the Future of Training

Learning something new is always beneficial as it increases our skills and would be useful to us at any time in the future. Learning professionals.......

Distance Learning

Learning Management Solutions – One of the Important thing any organisation needs

The word itself, LMS says the whole meaning, which means Learning Management System. So, any place which requires learning and managing it........

Image by Jonas Augustin

Gamification Reduces Cost of Training

Training for a new skill or for any other purpose is very important for any working professional to be updated with the current scenario and it is the reason why companies put their hard work, time.......

Remote Learning

Factors Affecting ROI from a Learning Management System

LMS or Learning Management Systems have been an organization’s partner in helping out the employees when some new skill, new software is to be........

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YouTube - Mother of all E-Learning

Employing YouTube in e-learning is the perfect example and application of the above quote, and why not, as it has become a hub for learning anything. Earlier, it was used

Game Time

Gamification for Teachers - How to make it happen?

In our childhood, when it used to be a vacation or a family function, and the children were getting bored, some fun uncles used to be there........

Image by Miikka Luotio

Game Based Learning - Making Education a Memorable Experience

Gamification, or also known as game based learning (GBL ) is one of the proven methods now, which involves use of gaming mechanics, such as badges......

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