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Online Learning
E-learning will Rule the World or Ruin the World

E-learning is the future of technology . The coming generation schooling will be the virtual world but its also come up with the many demerits. At present, the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted every sectors, including the education sector at worst. Among many casualties of COVID-19, there is also demise of the traditional classrooms. While online courses have existed even before the pandemic, they weren't the first choice to study , people were more excited to what were taught in physical classrooms. Online mode was never meant to be the fundamental mode of learning back then. Using technology as a key, we have opened the lock of a more convenient educational system. However, its a significant thing as well because online learning has its own pros and cons.

Positive Aspects of E-learning

1. Convenient and cheap

The first positive aspect of e-learning  is that it is convenient and cheap. Students can send files to their teachers through the internet, which requires only a device and a strong internet connection. It is convenient and cheaper too as we don’t require a vehicle to go from one place to another.

2. Faster

E-learning is faster. We can send many files at once in just a few minutes. It saves lots of time to reach out individuals at a single point of time. Student can submit their works , teachers can check students work quickly.

3. No language Barriers

Since e-learning is available in most of the vernacular languages, there are no language barriers. One is free to learn new things in their own mother tongue as well. They are not bound to understand a particular language in order to follow the text, they can read the text or see a video related to it in whichever language they please, this gives them self-pride and confidence in themselves.

4. Environment Friendly

As online learning requires devices so it reduces the wastage of paper which ultimately leads to less deforestation. Lots of files projects , assignments , books  no need to print them on the paper, as they all are available on virtual mode and have to submit virtually.

5. Time Saving

The main advantage of online education is that its time saving. A student can adjust his study timings as per his own needs. One can study indoor or outdoor, in a room or while travelling in a metro. It just not saves time but energy and money also of travelling to a specific destination to attain knowledge.

Negative Aspects of E-learning

1. Technical glitches

The technical difficulties give teachers and students a hard time. Technical errors were quite normal before. However, since electronics have become a major part of our day-to-day life, such glitches become unbearable to us. Same goes for students and teachers as well. Teachers are sometimes unable to send messages or upload homework. Similarly, students are sometimes unable to open or send some files.

2. No Time Commitment 

Since there is no one to inspect students or learners studying they might just not complete their work and leave it unfinished further harming their own selves in the long run. Those early to bed and early to rise has became just an rhyme only few kids take participation in early morning classes as rest were busy in there nap.

3.Lethargic Physique 

E-learning  is not as much fun and interactive as normal education. E-learning makes student more lethargic as sitting on the couch and keeping your eyes over the screen for hours is not easy , but actually its exhausting.

4. Lack of Physical Interaction

It’s often possible that we misinterpret what we actually see or read when we do not find somebody to actually explain it out to us. A single punctuation error changes the real meaning of the entire sentence and as it is said half and the improper information is even more harmful than no information. Hence, face to face interaction is very important for proper learning.

5. Health Effects

Increased screen time, sitting on the same posture for hours, stiff bones and muscles less physical activity leads to the more hazardous effect over the health. The most effect organ is eyes , one's vision can effect badly because of increased screen time.


No wonder the demand for e-learning has surged up. Many institutions who have proper resources have shifted their classes virtually. And, it totally depends on individual opinion as to what is more convenient for him/her- the physical learning or e-learning, whatever benefits the person most. However, in my opinion, e-learning will rule the world, especially for students. If a student drafts a perfectly balanced time-table and follows it diligently, student can avoid many cons of e-learning and the student can maintain their health as well.

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