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Grocery Store Staff

Omni-channel helps in improving customer expectations and experiences also, it provides unprecedented freedom to choose where, when and how they wish to engage with their service provider. When the omni-channel customer experience is implemented correctly, it enables businesses to manage the customer journey much more effectively.

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We Make You Trust Us With Our Services

Businesses run on trusted relationships and their conversations.

Omni Channel Expertise
Omnichannel Retailing

Our solution combines all digital and physical customer touch points onto a single platform – including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media and print to deliver a seamless customer experience. Our solution enables, personalized experience.

D2C Solution

D2C  allows companies to take full ownership over the entire end-to-end brand experience. Direct engagement with the consumer means that companies can collect critical data for insight and innovation. D2C solution helps you to save time and cost.

Warehouse Management System

Our software helps in storage facilities, transportation firms and logistics organizations that deal in distribution, supply chain, retail and manufacturing. Our  software assists optimizes picking and shipping of orders and notifies you on inventory refills.

Product Information Management

We help you to manage  and enrich information across channels & teams to provide an engaging experience to your customers. We provide platform for managing information that is used to market and sell products via various distribution channels.

Our Work.....
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Online Grocery Store

Dynamic Catalog, Cart Management, Payment Gateways 

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Online Food Ordering Application

Clutter Free Design, Rich Catalog, Dynamic Landing Pages

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On-Demand Bakery Solution

Fruits and Matcha Cheesecake

Place orders, Add-on Ordering, Payment Gateways

Fruit market

Hyper Local Fruit Ordering

Dynamic Catalog, Place orders, Add-on Ordering

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Technology Stack

All About The Technology We Use

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Can't Find Your Industry?

At Infoware we bring you best solution for your needs. We have 16+ years of experience in software development and 3+ years of experience in e-learning platform development. Our solution ensures improvement in productivity and increment in ROI of the company. Because we know, Results matters the most.

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