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Learning is getting shifted to virtually ,after Covid-19 the scenario of learning has changed and completely turns to online. It just not only saves time but its convenient too. From teaching students to training employees E-learning industry is booming. Building a strong LMS to Employees Onboarding Software we have build everything for every need.

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Make Learning Easier With Us

We have served 100+ Happy Clients. You can be next too. We build effective and interactive e-learning solutions. Our e-learning platforms and apps are responsive.

E-learning Expertise
Engaging Videos

We conceptualize and produce high-end explainers with live-action, 2D & 3D animations which improve engagement and enable effective communication. Our engaging videos helps in to build your customer base.


We help you improve your service efficiency and effectiveness. The key features of an LMS incorporate easy data management with high levels of security, employee registrations, personalized assessments, and tracking.

Practical Trainings

By transforming complex practical training with interactive, simulated VR experience we encourage effective skills development. An effective way of communicating the product benefits that can only be sensed by using the product.

E-learning Apps

We gain a thorough understanding of your customers and their personas to identify their pain points and motivation for online learning. E-learning apps are easy to access and cover the large market.

Our Work.....
Man of Faith

Understanding Faith

Online Booking, Quiz Ranking System

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Kid Painting

Interactive Kids Learning Platform 

Interactive Visuals, Dynamic Pages , Offline Reading

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Image by Aaron Burden

Dictionary Application

Multi-Language Support, Payment Gateways

Book of French Laws
Image by Alfons Morales

Curated Marketplace for Readers

Multimedia books, Offline Reading, Online Purchasing

Open Book
Image by Alex Kondratiev

Enriched Chemistry Application

Practical Equipment Videos, Offline Reading, 

Technology Stack

All About The Technology We Use

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Can't Find Your Industry?

At Infoware we bring you best solution for your needs. We have 16+ years of experience in software development and 3+ years of experience in e-learning platform development. Our solution ensures improvement in productivity and increment in ROI of the company. Because we know, Results matters the most.

Our Blogs.....
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School Library

Learning Management Systems (LMS) – Is it required and what should it have?

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