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Mobile Learning is the Future of Training

Learning something new is always beneficial as it increases our skills and would be useful to us at any time in the future. Learning professionals spend the whole day at the office working and it is not possible for them to take out time and attend a class somewhere to learn a new skill. Mobile learning is therefore a useful process by which the goals can be achieved without much hassles. It is being offered through virtual learning, MOOC, webinars etc.

Mobile Learning is the Future of Training
Why is Mobile Learning the Future of Training?

It is easily accessible

Working professionals are unable to take out time for them and this type of learning proves beneficial for them. They can access the training any time anywhere whenever they are free, like in the lunch break or while travelling or at home just before going to sleep etc. It encourages self-learning.

For example, the person can just search the topic he/she wants to learn about, and find the various courses available, select the duration and then start it. Due to the facility of being mobile, it can be paused any time and accessed during the person’s availability.

Mobile learning is beneficial to the company also as they do not need to set up a lot of arrangements for the training. Companies offering training to their employees take help of these courses so that there is an improvement in skill development of the employees without any wastage of extra time. It is easy for the organisations as this method is fast, engaging and time saving.

The online world is full of knowledge from all domains. It is just required to be grabbed, whenever required. Online tutors and websites like Coursera, Udemy, eDX offers a huge content where the topics are curated by various tutors all over the world in various languages and offering topic-by-topic learning. The topics, sub topics in detail with introductory videos are also provided, so as to get a clear idea of what is being taught and how much time, it will take. The distribution of topics and related matter is in such a way that it’s is interesting for anyone to learn from it. Videos are always the best form of communication and learning, and as these videos are in video form, they can be understood very easily. Even if a person wants to learn something totally new about which he doesn’t know a single thing, these webinars, virtual learning classes and MOOC’S help him, as they start from zero and progress further.

It definitely helps in the professional growth of an individual which can be done with a little bit of hard work and not spending a huge amount of money. If a person wants to excel in his life, he needs skills and mobile training is what helps him achieve it.As mobile learning classes are aligned with the present job market, they provide a much practical approach to learning.
For example, an employee working in a certain department wants to progress a bit more. He comes to know about a topic which would be helpful in this professional growth.But, the organisation doesn’t have time for him to teach him this new skill, and thus, he looks for it in virtual training or any MOOC. Once he finds it, he can start learning for it when he gets back home or during free time at the workplace.

First of all, these mobile learning methods are cost effective than traditional classes and understanding the need of the people and saving costs of infrastructure set up, it becomes quite cost effective for the learners and thus, can impart better knowledge to them. This type of learning, self-paced or company provided is always engaging and can deliver the maximum value for money. Real time videos help in learning effectively and learners can ask their doubts as and when they arise.
These learning programs also have quizzes and tests of themselves at the end of the topic, which interests people to score more points in it. If there are doubts at any step, the video can be paused and the question can asked, which would also get solved immediately

The content presented in these mobile learning videos have been created by the experts in the field, who have experienced and are aware of each and every small concept in it.It is one of the greatest features, one has the ability to stay in contact with people all over the world, and working on the same topic at the same time, thus it becomes more like doing a group activity together.
This ability to have a conversation with the people experts in the field at the comfort of sitting anywhere, home, office, beach, garden etc. is exciting. It makes the experience more interesting. This would not have been possible if it was a classroom session with 30-35 students in it; in mobile learning, more learners are engaged, who are experienced in the same field imparting knowledge. When someone is asking questions and chatting about what they’re being taught, they’re more focused and engaged by default.

Everyone has their own speed of learning. This can happen not only if someone is slow, but also someone is unable to allot time for it, due to their busy schedule. Mobile learning during this time is very useful, as one can learn it whenever they want.

One of the most important factors to be considered when learning is the cost of all the arrangement and infrastructure, which has a great cost when done through traditional learning, but in mobile learning through MOOCs, webinars or virtual learning, this cost is absent. Even if the organization has to impart corporate learning, they need to allot a separate space with trainers from outside and look after their arrangements, while in mobile learning, all of this is not necessary. The money spent on the arrangements can be spent on providing a better learning experience.

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Easy for the Organization

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Massive Amount of Content

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Professional Growth

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Value for Money

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Be in Contact with The Experts in the Field

Ask an Expert

Self-paced Learning

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The Cost Factor

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Mobile learning is emerging as a great technology to the challenges faced by the education sector. It can provide increased options for the personalization of learning with a variety of tools and resources.
The future of mobile learning depends on the level of social acceptance as well, but the advent of mobile phones provides a great opportunity to redefine and transform the educational paradigms.

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