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Gamification Reduces Cost of Training

Training for a new skill or for any other purpose is very important for any working professional to be updated with the current scenario and it is the reason why companies put their hard work, time, resources and spend a large amount on it. But sometimes, due to many reasons, the training does not turn out as fruitful as thought and therefore, it becomes a loss of all the hard work that went into it.
But as the times and the way of handling it are changing, there have been many innovative methods to make the process of the mundane training into an enjoyable experience.
Gamification and learning have been going hand-in-hand since a long time. Gamification has proved successful in learning for school children as it offers many benefits to them and helps in academic and intellectual development. The concept of Gamification is well known to us, but considering it in a corporate atmosphere doesn’t sound like fun filled activity. But, this is not true as Gamification is applicable in an office environment and can turn a boring seminar or training activity into an interesting and engaging activity, which can not only be enjoyed by everyone but also is cost friendly and resourceful.

Gamification Reduces Cost of Training
Methods to Achieve It

1. Using Free Tools Like Kahoot

Kahoot has been an interesting and very successful tool to implement Gamification in educational institutions and the one offering such features for corporate institutions is the Kahoot ! Plus.
- It is useful for in-class training, for on-boarding trainings, meetings, presentations etc.
- The special factor of Kahoot, that is the fun learning manner which has proved a hot with students, is also available in this version, where interactive content, innovative question answer form and ending the topic with a recap of what was done earlier along with a competitive atmosphere creation.
- It just needs an internet connection and the app to be downloaded. The same questions can be displayed on the larger screen so that everyone can easily see it.
- The quiz creation is also simple to do and it can be done in a few minutes.
- It provides reports on the game results which helps in proper analysis of the session and one can come to know what proved best for everyone and made it a successful session or could have been done better from the next session.
- These games can be played live as well as are possible to be sent to the employees so that they can play on their own time.

Cost Saving Factor :
One of the most successful methods of Gamification, which has been tried and tested on students, one of the most difficult people to understand, has proved a hit with them and therefore is a very useful tool for corporate offices too.
- The quiz development is quick and it can also be created with the help of other trainers.
- As it just needs the app to be downloaded, there is no need of any other tools or equipment which is cost saving.
- It is available in various plans other than Plus, like Kahoot Pro, Premium & Enterprise, out of which the suitable one can be selected.

Gifts are the best way to please anyone and it automatically brings a smile to the face. The sole concept of Gamification is rewarding when someone performs nicely. It can be implemented in the training session so that the learners would not only get to learn but would also gain something, which would be helpful in motivating them. The reward can be a simple gift or can also be in real life, a commission for the sales offer made. This would motivate everyone, and people would be interested in finding more ideas.
For example, if the company is into sales and marketing, to provide the training on the same to the employees, the game can be kept in such a way whoever gives the best and quicker answer would get a reward and so on.

Cost Saving Factor:
- Creating in-house training sessions would save the costs of hiring an outside trainer to do the same and would also help in limiting infrastructure and other arrangement costs for the trainer and trainees.
- Rewarding with a real gift like a bonus or a sales commission would not only be beneficial for the employee but would also bring more revenue to the company in the form of new offers.
- Time Saving : Providing the employees with the training in-house saves everyone’s time as it can be done in the office hours and can be adjusted easily, rather than hiring someone from outside and aligning with the particular time schedule and also travelling time if it is arranged at a particular place.
- Online learning and Gamification for training therefore proves efficient in this manner.

The power of social media is known to everyone. Learners can be asked to share and collaborate on social media and it can made into a fun learning activity which can be done with the people of the company who are present in other locations also. This would increase user engagement and also build a competitive attitude along with team spirit that would prove beneficial for all.

Cost Saving Factor :
Social media is free, it just requires internet, so no need of too many arrangements to continue it. With the help of social media itself, the other branch people would be able to be in touch with one another, that would bring a team attitude and also does not require travelling to the other place for the training.

The employees can be encouraged in providing scenarios to proceed forward in Gamification, which would help in knowing their understanding better and develop their creativity. One can also make it more challenging by giving penalties if the solution provided is wrong. This would help the learners stay more focused and careful.

Cost Saving Factor :
This type of learning would not only develop creative skills in the learners but also save the costs of buying costly scenario based learning games online. Although some are free, but the ones with more features prove very costly for corporates.

Gamification Reduces Cost of Training
Gamification Reduces Cost of Training

2. Rewarding With a Gift

Gamification Reduces Cost of Training
Gamification Reduces Cost of Training

3. Social Media Integration

Gamification Reduces Cost of Training

4. Learning Through Scenarios and Penalty If There is a Wrong Answer

Gamification Reduces Cost of Training

Motivating employees to change their habits, thus adopting sustainable practices, is also at the heart of Gamification. Cost reduction comes along with combating waste and encouraging recycling. And all this behavior change is made easy, quick and fun for the employee! This is the case of the G2G3 company that created Gamification strategies to reduce the use of paper prints and other factors that formed the “environmental footprint” of companies, where part of the economy made was revert to charitable work of the employees’ choice.

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