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Youtube - Mother of E-learning

Employing YouTube in e-learning is the perfect example and application of the above quote, and why not, as it has become a hub for learning anything. Earlier, it was used just as a platform for entertainment and for people to develop their hobbies and show it to the world, but with times, it has entered the world of learning and is here to stay forever as per the present scenario.

Youtube - Mother of E-learning
Why is Youtube The Mother of E-learning ?

#For Educational Institutions

The internet is an encyclopedia of information and YouTube is a very big part of it. Schools and colleges can gain, and are therefore using it for making the learning process easier and interactive. Any topic, big or small, can be easily searched and knowledge can be gained from it, the concept becomes clear to the students as it is shown in visual form rather than a board and a chalk.
Channels like Khan Academy, TEDEd, CrashCourse, Veritasium, Brusspup, Scishow, National Geographic Channel, Examfear, Don’t Memorise, Microsoft Education and many more are some of the examples.

E-learning is not only for educational institutions as it has learning in it but for corporate institutions too who always have new people joining and working, and people who need to develop a new skill if the company has an LMS. YouTube videos prove quite useful to companies who are undergoing on-boarding as the message to them can be easily conveyed to them, with minimal effort and less time. The ease of understanding through YouTube is also quite beneficial as it is self-explanatory, and if further knowledge is required, a person is always present to resolve the doubt personally.
Companies employing LMS and even those companies who do not have LMS can take the help YouTube in teaching a new skill to the employees which would prove easier, better learning and would be quite economical to the company, as the infrastructure charges and trainer charges would get reduced and people can do self-learning, anytime, anywhere.

Whether for college or a corporate institution, finding the correct solution to any query or a topic is of utmost importance.

Any video online has to be engaging and interesting or else no one would be interested. Interesting videos for a college/ school or a corporate institute increase the engaging value and help the message to reach the audience clearly.

In order to make the learning easier and to maintain continuity, the videos for a particular topic should be arranged and with the facility of playlist, they should be arranged so that
The students learning a certain topic find the video related to it at one place and would not need to waste their time finding relevant videos. Finding these videos as pee topic, not only makes the process time-consuming but also hinders the interest level of learning. If the students find the videos together, they would be interested to know the concept in-depth and that would help in deep understanding.
Organized distribution of topic based videos as well as playlist would also prove helpful to companies as it would save a lot of time of everyone and would help in maintaining the interest level in the employees. The employees can be encouraged to make their own –playlist also if they find a better resource online, which can be then shared and further information can be gained. The videos can be arranged based on the category, task, skill, or department so that online learners can click on the eLearning videos.

This would help in understanding the video in a better manner. Providing an overview of the video’s content not only to help your viewers understand what the video is going to be about, but also because video descriptions help in SEO. If you do not have much idea on it, you can make use of YouTube recommends and learn to make these descriptions.
For example, the below screenshot shows the difference when an annotation is present or absent. There is a video on black hole on TEDEd which is being explained. The first screenshot is the one with the annotation, which is visible with the” i “ symbol and has the playlist of other related videos in it, which is shown in the next screenshot, whereas the third image is the video without the annotation.
One can come to know, which video is better to see and learn.

Learning when done in a group becomes an interesting and enjoyable task and helps in better understanding. The videos which are shown to the students should be provided like a group project, which if not understood by someone, should be explained by the other person, so that it helps in making the concept clear as well as does not look like a big task to the students. Making e-learning of a topic a group activity to the employees gives better idea about it to them, keeps them engaged and also increase team- work and positive attitude towards each other in the employees.
A group discussion on the certain topic is also a very good manner to make the understanding process interesting. Any doubts if raised, can be resolved through group chats in the videos by Google Hangouts.

#For Corporates

Youtube - Mother of E-learning
How to Get 100% of YouTube E-Learning with Minimum Efforts ?

1. Make the Video Interesting

Youtube - Mother of E-learning

2. Segregate the Topics as Required /Make a Playlist According to The Topics

Youtube - Mother of E-learning
Youtube - Mother of E-learning

3. Making Extensive Use of Annotations and Descriptions

4. Make it a Group Project

Youtube - Mother of E-learning

Thus, as the E-Learning industry has progressed, educational institutions and corporate companies are not only making use of YouTube to make their task of training easy and economical, but very much enjoyable to a great extent, which has helped, and is presently helping students and employees to know more.

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