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Ecommerce  industry is set to grow more than $5 trillion USD globally by 2027. Having an online presence is as important as opening your outlet in market. People are shifting to virtual market, to capture the market at global level, one must have the platform to present its catalogue for 

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Being customer-focused allows you to be pioneering

E-commerce Expertise
B2B Marketplace

We create Secure Reliable and Safe B2B ecommerce Marketplace. We deliver seamless experience in B2B marketplace solution with flawless functionality and multichannel presence.

B2C Marketplace

We build and operate B2C platforms that scale to billions of users. Be rest assured that your eCommerce technology is managed by  Infoware team. We provide end to end solutions with custom design, multi-lingual, multi-currency, third-party integrations etc.


90% of users are on mobile. Responsive design is more than just resizing layouts. Our designs create an app-like experience when browsing your eCommerce web from mobile, leading to better engagement and conversions.

Online Stores

We build elastic online store. Our cloud scales elastically. Our SEO technology is out of the box with zero plugins to worry about. Our online stores solutions are technically impeccable helping to trade securely.

Our Work.....
Man Shopping for Groceries

Online Grocery Store

Dynamic Catalog, Cart Management, Payment Gateways 

Image by NeONBRAND
Image by Zakaria Zayane

Restaurant Review Platform

Restaurant Catalog, Dine-in Booking, In-app Navigation

Image by Jay Wennington
Image by Ivan Torres

On-Demand Ordering Application

Rich Catalog, Wallet Integrations,Navigation Feature

Image by Lily Banse
Image by Alfons Morales

Curated Marketplace for Readers

Multimedia books, Offline Reading, Online Purchasing

Open Book
Window Cleaning

Multi-service Ordering App

Custom Design, Rich In buid- APIs

Plumber Fixing Sink
Image by ja ma

Hyper Local Fruits Ordering

Dynamic Catalog, Place orders, Add-on Ordering

Image by Jonas Kakaroto
Food Photography

Online Food Ordering App

Clutter Free Design, Rich Catalog, Dynamic Landing Pages

Image by Chad Montano
Technology Stack

All About The Technology We Use

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Can't Find Your Industry?

At Infoware we bring you best solution for your needs. We have 16+ years of experience in software development and 3+ years of experience in e-learning platform development. Our solution ensures improvement in productivity and increment in ROI of the company. Because we know, Results matters the most.

Our Blogs.....
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School Library

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