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Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms
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Payment Gateways in Gulf Countries to Lookout for

How is Payment Gateway Useful?

Payment gateways have been making all our online purchases easier and secure. With the no of customers increasing each year, payment gateways have started offering better working features, which not only increases the sale of the site where it is used, but increases the site’s credibility and ultimately the customer’s ease of shopping.


But how do they work?

  1. A customer visits the site, places an order, and at the checkout, he needs to enter his credit/debit card details.

  2. The website then securely sends the purchase details to the payment gateways.

  3. The payment gateway then sends the details to the seller's bank, where his account is present.

  4. Merchant's bank then contacts the buyer's bank and exchanges the purchase details.

  5. If the information entered by the customer is correct and matches with the bank, then the transaction is authorized and amount is deposited in the seller account from buye’rs account.

  6. Payment gateway then returns the information to the website and informs the customer, if the purchase was successful.

Payment Gateways In Gulf

1. Payfort

This payment gateway was launched in 2014 in UAE and operating since then in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and mostly all middle-eastern countries. It offers features such as 

  • Integration with E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Opencart, Woo-Commerce, Prestashop, CS-Cart

  • Smart Integration with a single API  to integrate the payment methods and work faster.

  • Seamless Checkout with payment options like Masterpass, Apple Pay, instalments for payment to help the customers in payment process.

  • Protection against fraud through and more than 70 decision criteria to accept, decline, and review decisions on transactions.

  • PAYFORT gateway supports Sadad for Merchants.

  • Compatible with all the local currencies and 18 foreign currencies.

  • Real Time Dashboard for better back office experience.

  • Includes pricing options- Starter & Enterprise.

  • Processing Fees varies from region to region. 

  • Transaction charges also vary between 2.8% to 3.2% depending on the areas of work but the setup fee is zero at all places.

  • Sign Up can be done here :

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2. Paytabs


Paytabs is famous in Saudi Arabia and offers some unique features like recurring payments, SADAD integrations. The SADAD payment system was established by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) to be the national electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) service provider for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) whose core mandate is to facilitate and streamline bill payment transactions of end consumers through all channels of the Kingdom’s Banks.


  • One of the unique features of Paytabs is easy setup of it in less than 24 hrs.

  • Integration with all the major e-commerce platforms.

  • Easy and fast checkout process.

  • More than 168 currencies accepted.

  • A very responsive customer support for queries.

  • Customized pricing having 3  categories- Start up plan, Growth plan & Enterprise Plan

  • Sign Up here :















3.  Hyperpay

Hyperpay is rather new established one, in the year 2017 and is based in Jordan with office in KSA  and UAE.It was first established under the name Gate2Play and was the favoured option  for online merchants.

  • It can be easily integrated with eCommerce platforms as Magento, Oracle, WordPress, and more.

  • Smart APIs that help setting up the payment and its integration.

  • It also supports multi- currency, making it flexinble.

  • Quick Checkout

  • Reports & Analysis are a big plus point.

  • Sign Up here :















4. Telr


In 2014, two UAE-based payment gateway companies announced a merger to concentrate their efforts in the Middle East region and thus Telr Innovate was born.It is also one of the preferred payment gateways used in the GCC countries. It also has the features of easy integration with popular E-commerce platforms. It also has 3 types of pricing plans for the customers to choose from.


  • Multicurrency support

  • Connect with social media through this payment gateway.

  • Recurring payments for sellers that make regular payments which is also automated.

  • Subscription packages with cyclic payments.

  • Sign Up here :

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5. Paypal

Paypal is one of the world’s largest payment gateways which have also made its way in the GCC countries. It supports over 200 countries all over the world and 25 currencies. Like in all other countries, it offers numerous products and services to Middle Eastern countries too.

  • Allows you to transfer from your PayPal account to another user’s PayPal account and even directly to your saving accounts.

  • PayPal Pro enables merchants to have and modify their entire check out process so that consumers do not have to leave the site.

  • Fraud protection

  • Cart compatibility

  • No Setup cost (Transaction based)

  • Additional features like PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, and for growing local businesses and high-traffic businesses.

  • Transaction rates : 3.5%

  • Sign Up here :





6. Stripe 

Stripe is also available globally and used in over 25 countries. They provide some of the best security tools that help in secure payments for the sellers. It uses a cloud based platform to tighten security. Some features that cover this include 

  • Customer interfaces, payment options, fraud and disputes, revenue optimization, and business operations, among others.

  • Its impressive UI allows to build and utilize the payment forms.

  • Digital payments like Alipay, Amex Express Checkout, and Apple Pay are available.

  • Financial Reports  and accounting integrations.

  • No setup or monthly fees.

  • Sign Up here















7. 2Checkout

This is also one of the top 5 payment gateways in use and famous since 1999 and since then, its been functional in 200 countries. It’s low cost and features have been its major attractive part. It offers the service with 15 different languages and 87 currency options. 

It also provides a demo of the features so as to get an experience of the features offered, making it helpful to select a particular plan according to anyone’s requirement and liking.It also provides localized options which allow merchants to customize the platform as per their needs whether it’s about currency or languages.

SignUp here :

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If you find it hard to do the payment gateway integration, we are willing to help! With solid expertise in e-commerce website design and development, we can not only help you to build a fantastic online store but also integrate your store with any payment solutions. Moreover, we had many opportunities to work with clients from the Middle East, that’s why we are confident that we can meet all of your requests.

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