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Employees Cyber Security Awareness Steps

Employees are one of the main resources of a company, they has to be technically good sound also they must know their effects to the wellbeing of the organization. After the pandemic, everything has changed, the work has shifted completely on remote structure. At this crucial time where employees are using there own systems and security measures it hinders the cyber security of organizations. Cybercrime has become more organized and sophisticated than ever before, making it critical for every organization to communicate risks like phishing effectively across the business. By improving cyber security awareness company can reduce the cyber security incidents, paving the way for a cyber aware staff.

What is Cyber Security Awareness?

Cyber Security awareness means educating employees of the organization to play their role  in protecting organization from cyber attacks and take precautionary measures to protect from cyber threats. Prevention is always better than cure by making employees aware about cyber threats how to recognize them and how to deal with them. which implents to create robust defence for organization system.

Why Cyber Security Awareness is important?

A well-trained employee in cyber security possess less risk to the overall security of an organization. Cyber security helps in protecting all categories of data from theft and damage. Since the work has shifted to remote the cyber attacks and threats are also increasing rapidly, to control them and protect them from cyber attacks organization needs to take crucial steps. cybersecurity awareness not only lowers risks of security threats but also it frees up the IT department’s time by avoiding cybersecurity breaches. Where time would have been spent on the defense of an attack, they can instead devote time to an offensive strategy through penetration testing or multiple other proven methods in which to decrease cybersecurity vulnerabilities and issues.

8 Steps to Aware Employees about Cyber Security

1. Conduct Cyber Security Training

The foremost step to spread awareness among employees is to conduct cyber security training for the employees . So that they'll know at their earlier days the importance and consequences of the cyber security to the organization.

2. Implement Cyber Security Drills

Implementing quarterly basis cyber security drills  makes employees alert and attentive and they'll know how to recognize the various kinds of cyber attacks and how to deal with them. Organizing cyber security drills will also show the managemnet how much the employees and IT department is prepared for the cyber attacks.

3. Maintain Rules for browsing mails and mobile devices

In the office or even while working from home organization must ensure that employees are adhere to the rules for browsing, mails and devices while on organization system to avoid any cyber mal-practices.

4. Promote Cyber Security Practices, Policies and Procedures

Businesses should promote security practices and robust policies and procedures to protect from cyber data breaches and scams. Also, organizations needs to evaluate and consider the policies  covering the usage of the equipment, social media and internet.

5. Prioritize the Cyber Security in your Organization

Take the time and identify and priority high risk areas of your organization always be prepare with the team who is going to be dealt with cyber attacks, if any occurs.

6. Be Prepared for the Data Breach

If you have not make preparation what to do and how to do if any cyber attack take place, then start preparing by today. Make an team for the cyber security and train your employees and all the staff of the organization to be aware about the cyber security and its threats.

7. Consider Your Supply Chain

Supply chains are a vital part of business operations, but often these networks are large and diverse and span a range of different countries. These suppliers typically don’t have the same robust cyber security defenses in place, which means they have lots of weak points for cybercriminals to exploit.

8. Know your Organizational Tolerances

Organization risk tolerance needs to be defined at the outset, so you can implement the correct security measures based on the actual threats faced. This avoids resources being directed at threats unlikely to occur or that will have little or no impact on your business.


Organizations must continually update their security checks and measure to avoid any cyber attack. It is now the responsibility of everyone in an organization to have at minimum a foundational understanding of security issues and vulnerabilities. Cyber security helps your workforce to understand security compliance considerations, social engineering, malware, and various other data security-related concepts. 

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