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Apps and Websites For SME Sector Are Booming

Does it make sense for small business to have a website or even an app?

A website and an app, describes any product/ service offered in a perfect manner, so that anyone visiting the website/app gets a clear idea of what is done and how better it is being done. Apps and websites plays an integral role in generating revenue for business. Apps and websites are increasing rapidly , now every business has an online presence over the web. 


Apps & Website Must Have Feature For SMEs

​​Here are some of the methods already being followed for gaining maximum profits using simple ways.


1. Mobile/ Hand Held Device Compatibility

The websites and apps nowadays are desktop, mobiles and tablets compatible, in order to make it easy for any customer to go through it. They can get a perfect picture of each and every detail, which helps them to clear their doubts.
















2. 24*7 Availability

There are options for the clients to contact you in case of any clarification, which cannot be done if the business was not online. A website is active 24*7, anyone, anytime, can visit, and in case of any doubt, can just drop an email or fill a form and the business owner can contact them and guide them accordingly.  This helps the potential client to get a personalized response to their query.














3. No Calls, Only Texting

Another thing special about a website or an app is that, the customers and business owner can always stay in contact with each other and discuss about anything with the help of messaging, NO CALLS REQUIRED. 








4. Social Media Integration

These websites are now linked to social media platforms which helps in customer engagement as everyone is now on social media, and this helps the business to connect with them easily and get to know more about the clients through various quizzes, activities, polls conducted which in turn increases the customer base and the potential clients turn into permanent customers who are satisfied with the services provided to them.















5. Loyalty Programs are an added feature

Business owners are now creating loyalty programs in order to retain their customers and gain new ones. Through these loyalty programs, which can be app exclusive or according to the people who sign up on the website or answer a question, it gives an instant ROI.













6. Location Based Services

Another added feature of an application is that, if a business is providing any kind of service, then with the help of an app, location based services can be known and expanded if needed. It keeps the customer updated about the services in the present location, helping them to get what they want and in turn increasing sales and in turn profit for the business.

A very common example is of Google, it provides suggestions related to restaurants, local places to visit, hospitals and other famous services when we are at a new location.















7. Brand Value Addition

The customer base generated, also increases the brand value as people come to know what is happening as social media is public and the ones who were doubtful, now know, the quality of the business and can see what value addition can be provided to them.













8. Is a website enough for any business?

Some people think, if a website would be sufficient enough to have an online presence and get a customer base and engage with them, but they forget that ‘a mobile app complements a website’. Researches have proved that people are using more mobile devices and thus, it becomes easy for businesses to track their usage and trends which can be analyzed and service can be further improved making the service reach in an efficient manner. Hence, apps have a direct effect on the profit of the business as they give a focused approach about the need and relating changes needed by the customers.







9. Professionalism

Another benefit of a website and app is that it displays professionalism. Whenever we hear a business having a website or an app, we become assured of its work rather than a business without having any of these two.

10. Updated Data from time to time

A business not only has to gain and maintain customers but it also has to keep updating its products/ services. in order to stay in the market and appear unique. This can be achieved with the help of a website and app. Customers connected to the business receive timely updates and can access and take benefit of the service.

11. Cost Efficient

A great benefit of having a website or app is that it is less costly than traditional advertising. Traditional advertising includes Television commercials, cable TV advertisements, Billboards, LED Ads etc. These methods prove very costly and only big business can afford it. They spend huge amounts in order to market their product/ services. Instead of investing the money on these methods, a website or an app is very much cost effective and its results are visible instantly.  

12. Past and Present on a single platform

Many businesses are there since a long time in the market and as the time passes, new trends arrive and many other changes occur. With the help of a website, any information pertaining to any time period can be viewed, the analytics of a website tells us each and every minute detail, which will help the business know the trends in the past, it success rate, its drawbacks and help to work accordingly and apply the changes in the present and overcome it resulting in positive results.










Lastly for any business, irrespective of size, if a proper plan is followed each day and a website and app for any kind of business is created, it will definitely help to create a wide customer base, maintain a proper grip on the industry and soar new heights which will, in every manner, increase the PROFITS and that too within a short period of setting it up.

apps & website must have feature for SMEs
best apps & website must have feature for SMEs
apps & website must have feature for SMEs
Social Media Integration
Loyalty programs are an added feature
location based services
Brand Value Addition
website business
updated data from time to time
past and present on a single
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