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Putting Groceries in the Trunk

Online Grocery Store

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About The Project

Adani decided to sell their fortune food products online where customers can easily buy things and can get home delivery but Adani company was confused about how they can make it better so they came to Infoware. We have created a marketplace a ecommerce site as well as an app for fortune products so that people from any region can buy their favorite fortune products easily.

Our Contributions

Infoware created a mobile application that manages the complete food flow in the users’ homes. An integrated solution that provides users to track grocery in kitchen, tailored recipe suggestions to decide upon hence encouraging low wastage of food. To empathize with the users and try to find a solution to their problems, we made three personas. The personas helped to prioritize the type of users, and also gave a clear idea to execute combined solutions to their problems. Building personas gave a direction to the solving process and opened new design opportunities.


To summarize here are the major pain points the users’ experience:

  • Frustrated with the fruits and veg quality due to lack of prior shopping experience.

  • People with busy schedules find shopping hectic for them.

  • People living in remote areas have no local grocery shop. They’ve to come to the city for shopping.

  • They don’t get any notifications or prior information about deals and offers going to the supermarket.


The pain points that a grocery shopping app can solve based on our research are listed below:

  • The most common problem is a waste of time while shopping. Grocery shopping apps can easily resolve them and schedule their delivery. Also, now they don’t have to waste their time on finding the location of items.

  • People can get deals, cashback offers, sales, etc. on the app which can also solve the pain point of the middle-class family.

  • The quality of fruits and vegetables is also a major concern. We can solve this problem by delivering online fresh ones to the customers’ homes and also the reviews and ratings of each item are listed in the product description.

  • They can also get to know about the cart value before checkout. They can also save the items in their wishlist to shop it later.


Featured, Mobile,  SaaS, UX design, Website, Marketplace


Angular.js, Heroku, Rollbar, PostgreSQL, JQuery


Google translate API, Google Geo Coder, Google Navigation, Payment Gateways- UPI

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