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The Next Level of Hotel Hospitality is Technology

It is critical to not only keep track of the latest technology trends in the hospitality industry, but to move with the times, because the industry is highly competitive and those who do not adapt are left behind. Keeping your finger on the pulse is especially essential within the context of COVID, because customer expectations and requirements are continually shifting.

Hospitality technology is the name used to describe a wide range of IT, e-commerce and similar technology solutions within the hospitality industry. The use of this technology is typically intended to either make life easier for a business’s employees, or to improve the overall experience for hospitality customers.

This can be achieved in a number of different ways. For example, hospitality tech may help to increase automation and ease the workload for staff. Likewise, it could be intended to make processes faster, which could potentially save money as well as time. Alternatively, it could help customers at numerous points along the customer journey.

Why is Hospitality Technology Essential for Companies Operating in the Hospitality Industry?

The hospitality sector is extremely competitive and this makes it essential to keep up with the very latest hospitality technology trends. Technology can help businesses to streamline their processes, reduce costs, lower staff workloads, increase revenue generation potential and improve the level of customer experience is delivered.

By using the latest technology, it may be possible to improve the accuracy of work to a level that would be difficult for human staff to achieve on their own. Technology solutions can also make work more manageable and may make it easier to live up to the increasingly high expectations that today’s customers have.
Reasons to Stay Up to Date With the Latest Hospitality Technology Trends?

Discover The Latest Technology Trends in the Hospitality Industry

1. Voice Search & Voice Control

Voice search is a growing technology trend within hospitality because a growing number of guests or customers are turning to voice search in order to find hotels, restaurants and cafes, so it is worth taking the time to properly capitalise on this. To do so, you will need to make sure your website and booking engine are structured so that the voice search can be used properly.

In some settings, demand for voice control is also growing. This could include everything from the use of smart speakers in hotel rooms, allowing for control of the various in-room devices, through to automated order taking in restaurants and cafes, meaning customers will no longer need to wait for waiting staff to take their order.

----- ALEXA 

The introduction of Alexa into hotels has brought smiles to the people thereafter living in hotels, as nowadays, people are accustomed with having Alexa at home and now at the hotel, they can be at ease and get a homely feeling with the hotel luxury. All the things like ordering something, information like check-in , check-out time of the restaurants and pools, requesting services for housekeeping or even smart hotel functions such as draping the curtains and even raising the temperature through thermostat control  etc. and many more can be done through it. 

Guests coming to the hotel who do not know the location of gym or the timings of pool or spa would benefit a lot due to this. This not only saves their time, but also makes the hotel guests feel welcomed. Guests in the room, other than changing and setting the temperature, can also access Netflix if the hotel room is equipped with smart TVs (which it would obviously be). Alexa can also help the customers drape the curtains if someone wants to have extra sleep and it would help to call the room service if need arises. This would make the work easier and faster for the hotel guest.

Digital Gadget
Gaming controller phone extension

2. Contactless Payments

Contactless payments offer a number of advantages for hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and cafes, which is why this has been among the main technology trends within the hospitality industry in recent times. Aside from speeding up payments and improving customer satisfaction, contactless tech is also easily compatible with loyalty programmes. Mobile contactless payments are possible even if customers do not have their wallets with them, or even if their credit card has been misplaced. Additionally, with COVID firmly in the minds of hotel guests and other hospitality customers, contactless payments can also offer an excellent way to reduce human-to-human contact.

Digital Payment
Digital wallet on phone

3. POS (Point-on-sale) System

Another major development in the hotel industry is the extensive use of Point-on-sale systems or more commonly known as POS system. For hotels, a POS system can link a hotel property management system with the restaurant or spa, so all transactions and data are in a centralized location. These systems provide ease of access to the people and the staff in the hotel also. Nowadays, as the no of tourists has multiplied, it becomes difficult to reach every one of them and cater them accordingly. At this time, smart systems like POS help in fast payment at this stage for transactions, inventory, length of stay, food and extra charges etc. The guest’s arrival and departure time can be taken care of, and in case of early arrival or departure, it can be noted and monitored regularly instead of the traditional bills and receipts.

It will help in ordering food at the table, as there is no need for the customer to wait for the menu or the waiter. They help in tasks such as 

  • management and control

  • Analysis and monitoring of data.

  • Update information.

  • A POS system relies on standard computing equipment, such as an iPad or Android tablet.

  • POS provides a seamless integration with Social Media and New Media tools. 

  • Customised reports.

Screenshot (119)_edited.jpg

4. Tablets on tables and in rooms

Tablets also provide a great way for the hotel users to do various activities like ordering, asking for help for the time details, ordering Food and beverage etc. In the restaurants of the hotels, the tablets prove quite a big help to the waiters taking orders and also maintaining it in a systematic manner. This order given, can be integrated with the POS so that the process becomes hassle free.

  • Tablets can be used in providing digital concierge services.

  • They can provide entertainment to the customers as users can access internet using the hotel’s WI-FI.

  • Room services, maintenance services and emergency services can be easily called with the help of tablets.

  • Language change and information related to hotel can be obtained.

  • Online marketing can be done as these tabs provide access to social media and integrate with it, giving the users a great opportunity to share their experience.

  • Guests can also make calls through the tabs using VOIP technology.

  • Guests can just relax in their rooms and play digital games on the tablets if interested.

On a Tablet
Hotel Desk Check-In

In addition to understanding the latest hospitality technology trends, it is vital to keep up with the latest trends in hospitality marketing. Many of these trends are directly influenced by emerging technology, with examples including the rise of AI chatbots, while others are more general, like the growth of influencer marketing. A good way to learn about hospitality technology, while also acquiring knowledge about other important aspects of the industry, is to study a hospitality course.

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