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What Are The Top 10 Qualities That Define An App Developer?

“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight”- Bill Gates

Programmers and developers are a different kind of people. They are the ones who have the right amount of technical expertise and creativity and bring out such ingenious app that fulfill the exact requirement of the user.

But to make such creative apps, the developers inculcate in them, some qualities which makes them different.

The Must've Qualities of An App Developer

1. A good team member 

Any company has a development team and for making an app, many developers work together. This team has to work together in order to make the best app with the maximum features, so as to attract customers. A good team member would be patient and assertive in any  kind of work he does, because, during the development  there might be many modifications and alterations, which has to be taken care by all, someone might do a small mistake due to which, the whole team may get affected. At this time, ego, anger should be left aside and the problem should be solved and work should be continued with team spirit. 

Such a developer would always treat everyone with respect and work professionally.










2. Skilled in other platforms

Apps which are made today are not only introduced on  a single platform, but on all platforms like Android, iOS, blackberry etc. If a developer has knowledge only on a single platform, it becomes difficult to work on other platforms, which affects the product output, that is the app. As people have variety of phones, the app needs to come out in all the platforms, and if the developer lags behind in this, the work quality gets affected and at the end, the customer suffers due to lack in the functionality and working.

Other than the platforms for development, the developers should be having knowledge about the various app development languages like Java, Swift, Python etc, so as to be flexible and select any suitable language for development as the need arises.









3. Presentation - UX/UI

The sole purpose of the app is to satisfy the customer. The developer should keep in the audience and make the app visually appealing to the customer, so as to attract them. Only if the customer finds the app interesting to use, only then he would use all the functionalities in it. It should be engaging.








4. Rich Portfolio

Businesses need their work to be very professional and for that, they need people who work professionally, on time with 100% success rate. Developers need to keep their profile and skills updated, as it reflects their work and would help them land a big app development. By having a look at the portfolio, the client would get assured of the previous work done and have a good impression on them.















5. Analytical Skills

Programming and development are based on analytical skills to a great extent along with other qualities. The developer should have the foresight of the customer’s scenario, he should be able to put himself in the shoes of the customer and understand the needs for it. Sometimes, situation would arise and the developers need to resolve a big error or solve a bug. At that time, amateur developers would fall back, whereas developers with the proper expertise would resolve the issue/error in the specified time.













6. Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goal of any app is customer satisfaction. The developer needs to assess the market’s demand, customer’s need and then make the app according to it. Along with the present scenario, the developer needs to keep in mind the future requirements and develop the app, so that changes can be implemented in it.

Before the final app is released, the developers need to in contact and communicate with the client and understand the requirements raised by them and make changes accordingly.















7. After Care Service

The work of the developers not does finish once they have finished making the app. They take care that the customers using the app are finding it easy to use or if there are any modifications needed. They take care that the app makes the customers satisfied, they also consult for the same and provide any technical assistance to them, which also helps in the business of the app development company. Good developers treat their clients and maintain a permanent relation with them instead of just maintaining only a work relationship.















8. Creativity and Curiosity

There are hundreds and thousands of apps on the play store but only few of them find their way into our mobiles and get finally used. This can happen only when developers become their creative best and put such features in the app that makes the app creative. The developers need to take some risks to make something unique and unconventional. Their curiosity and interest in the app development helps the app development company to set a good name in the industry, which the customers would remember and the next time any new app is released, people would definitely download it as they would be expecting something unique that time too.







9. Positive Feedback


Word of mouth is the most powerful form of reference. People always prefer someone who has a positive feedback. It is necessary to have some positive reviews from previous clients before approaching any new ones.

10. Quick Learners


There will always be some or the other changes in the requirement of the client, or the need to develop the code in another programming language and changes like that. At that moment, the developers need to br quick witted and flexible enough to understand the requirement, change it or make a new one as desired by the client.

the developer should always try to update his skills in order to add some value addition into the app. If the need arises, they should approach someone and ask for their help, in case some issue occurs during the development and make the work fast.










By now, I hope you have some clarity on what makes a great developer. And whether you are looking to hire a developer, or are one and find yourself looking to improve your skills, consider what you read today. And just as Rome was not built in a day, one can not bring these habits into practice overnight. Quality takes time, whether you are talking about software development or professional development.

Top 10 Qualities That Define An App Developer
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