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Because everyone says it's good?
Is this enough to choose flutter for your app development ?
Well, your answer would be No!! 
I knew it!!

What if I’d give you reasons for it?🤔

Let's move ahead then 📢…..

Table of Content

  • What is Flutter Framework?

  • What can Flutter do?

  • What are the pros of Flutter ?

What is Flutter Framework?


Flutter is a cross-platform tool kit and it's a free resource , used for building apps for Mobile OS, Windows with the same code base. Flutter was developed by Google in 2018 the first version was released. In 2022 Flutter 3.0.1  is in use.

What Can Flutter Do?

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Flutter doesn’t act as a wrapper on UI like other frameworks instead it create UI from the scratch
What makes it best is its open-source framework. That means companies who are using flutter to create their app can easily share their work to Github as well.

If you’re on Github or not you can simply find how popular flutter framework is. And how people love flutter framework either they are individual developers, small tech companies or giant tech companies. 

Some of the reasons where companies choose Flutter :
- When they have limited budget
- When they do not have a lot of time
- When they want to build two app at cost of one 
- When they’re already using other frameworks and wants better

What are the Pros of Flutter?


1. Quick Development 
Earlier the  developers  had to build the app for iOS and Android with a separate code base , building iOS with Swift or Objective- C and Android with Java or Kotlin.

But Flutter lets them create iOS and Android apps with the same code base of flutter framework which eventually saves time and effort.


2. Reload feature
Flutter has one of the exotic features called Hot Reload. This feature enables one-click change information. That means, when the developer clicks on the Hot Reload button , the developer can see all the changes made in code on gadgets and simulators.
Hot Reload feature gives the advantage to developers to add new features while keeping users active also in less time.

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3. Cost-Effective
Flutter apps are cost effective as compared to native apps. Flutter apps save time and effort, which lowers the cost. Apart from that, you don’t need a line of engineers  to build apps. A couple of engineers can build apps through flutter. Eventually, it will lower your cost. 


4. Pro Performance
No doubt flutter gives you native -like performance. Flutter provides 60fps or120 fps performance on devices capable of running 120Hz updates. Flutter apps not only looks good but they work too.  Flutter recent updates includes;

- Firebase plugin
Almost more than 60% developers use firebase in their applications. So to add that , flutter  introduces the firebase plugin.

- Games Toolkit
Flutter has released the Games toolkit which comprises tutorials, guidelines, templates for game developers, who love investing their effort in game development.

- Dart 2.17
Flutter has released the Dart SDK in the recent update.

- Image Decoding
Flutter can use the imagecoder API in the browser automatically. It also increases the image thread speed which removes the jank earlier created by images.

5. Same UI

Everyone knows that there are a series of platforms which provide a cross-platform framework to share codebase between other platforms. But flutter is the one only  platform which not only shares UI code but also shares the UI itself.

6. Own Engine
Flutter has a set of features for you to do , which aren’t available on other platforms. Indeed, it requires a strong back  framework. If you see the above points would not be possible without a high-performance rendering engine. It is actually because of the engine because of which flutter enables UI built share on other platforms.

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7. Easy Logic Implementation
Apart from the UI, there are so many mobile applications which use advanced OS- level features such as fetching GPS coordinates, Bluetooth communication, gathering sensor data, permission handling, working with credentials, etc.

8. Go Beyond Mobile

With Flutter you can go far beyond mobile. Flutter for web and desktop are embedding now.

In 2022, I/O conference Google has launched a preview of Flutter Web which makes it possible to run pure Flutter applications in browsers.

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