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Top 10 Apps With The Best User Onboarding Flow

Customers feel frustrated if they are not satisfied with the user experience. It means that the UX of the app is not good. It takes a lot of time and cost to keep the user satisfied and retain them over the app. You have to make sure that you’re providing them the best experience with easy and hassle free onboarding. A good user experience and smooth onboarding will make them stay on the app. User onboarding journey is the first and the most crucial stage of user journey. User interest or conversion will only take place if the user will stay on the app. An old saying “First impression is the last impression”.


Table of contents

- Why is user onboarding important?

- 10 Apps with The Best User Onboarding Flow

Why Is User Onboarding Important?


Users start leaving the app, if they find it crappy, confusing and they’re not able to understand. You have to make your customer realize why you’re the best brand and why your product is most suitable for them. Because if they’re not able to relate to your product they’ll switch to the other alternatives which are easy to understand. And this will lead to a decline in the reduction rate of your product and getting back these customers would be like a mule standing his ground. Hence, a good onboarding flow is , which helps the customer to relate easily and its value, which eventually results in high retention rates and good user experience.


10 Apps with The Best User Onboarding Flow


1. Grammarly
Grammarly is one of the popular tools to correct errors in English writing, it's just not helping students but the professionals also. It helps users to correct spelling ,grammar and word choice with the automated suggestions, which helps users to write correctly and well. It has 30 million active users daily.

Grammarly UX/UI provides the best user experience to their customers. From email alerts to the upgrade plan, it has made the onboarding process so smooth. It follows learn-by-doing feature which offers a free demo account. Some of the exceptional features Grammarly have

  • Its color choice palette to indicate errors and suggestions act as icing on the cake

  • It offers a free demo account ,a learn-by-doing feature to users

  • The app has the UI patterns users will require while using app


2. WhatsApp
WhatsApp is one of the most used communication application in Asia. It has one of the largest customer base. The best part of the app is that it offers an easy and hassle free onboarding process to users. Unlike other apps that require the bio data, your name, age, gender, place etc., which ultimately takes time, its onboarding time is quite quick.


The reason for WhatsApp Crowd:

  • It has relevant and reasonable explanations to access your contact and media

  • The app uses SMS medium to verify your phone number and access to SMS to automatically detect the OTP. Indeed, it's a smart approach to provide the best user experience

  • It provides clear and concise information for the legal terms and condition to be opt-in which doesn’t frustrate user














3. Instagram
Instagram is another most popular app nowadays. Instagram has 500 million daily active users.  It is one of the most used photo sharing social media platform. The best thing about Instagram is it offers user login facility simply through their email or with their Facebook account.


Now comes to some of high-rated feature it has;

  • If the user login via his/her Facebook account, Instagram automatically retrieve your information that you have provided in your Facebook account and fills the field automatically, and it takes few seconds 

  • It also provides the suggestion people who are in your contact and using Instagram

  • Instagram by using this suggestion tactic create triggers the motivation to use Instagram

  • Keeping eye on their favorite celebrity post and recent activities is another benefit people have as a follower of someone













4. Trello
According to Forbes, Trello has more than 1.1 million daily active users off 14 million signups to date, adding 150,000 new users each week. It is one of the most used project management and team management tools. Its new user onboarding is in the limelight because of its guide for new users to elaborate them on what all they can do and how they can use it. 


The exceptional features Trello have :

  • It makes to easy even for a new user to play with its Kanban board

  • It starts the instructions by having a card at the top of the first column where user can move that card into the next column

  • It also offers a suggestion card at the downwards which offers suggestions to the user for the next possible action

  • It illustrates everything with one to two cards, which comprises all the needs of new users to kick start their project management.

5. Strava
Athletes and cyclists love to track their performance and Strava is for them. It's a social networking application where users can keep track of their rides or runs through GPS. In 2021, it was noted Strava has 72 million active users but in 2022, they have a long jump where the year didn’t end yet, with 95 million active users across 195 countries, with 17 per cent of the UK population using the app. Athletes on Strava shared more than 1.5 Billion activities. The reason behind its success is none other than its user onboarding experience.


The unique features Strava has:

  • The sign up process is too simple for users, simply through Email , Google or Facebook account

  • While signing up, users has the option to import their Facebook contacts or they can even search it out simply by their name

  • After users follow the people, it automatically directs them to the app interface, and they can use it easily.

6. Slack
Slack is like an evergreen team-messaging app. It guides the new user in a clear and concise manner. It’s popular because of its well-designed UI and its core functionality. Slack has more than 10 million daily active users. In September, 2019 Slack was worth $13million. In 2020, Slack was acquired by Salesforce and recorded $600 million revenue in the year 2020. Over 40% of Fortune 100 businesses pay for Slack. The average time users spent over Slack is recorded 9 hours.


What makes Slack?

  • Slack works on push notification on desktop which ensure that user will complete the onboarding process

  • It offers concise and informative tooltips which allows users to end the quick tour as per their choice

  • Slack has the Slackbot for new users to help them out so that they can learn and use the product at the same time


7. Duolingo
The Duolingo app is quite different from the other apps mentioned here. It works like first service then information, which is the best way to retain users. Duolingo has 10.1 million daily active users with 42.4 million monthly active users. The company uses a freemium model and offers small varieties of constructed languages.

The features which smooth the Duolingo onboarding flow:

  • The time -box free trial makes registration postpone until the moment user have consumed the pre-decided free trials, the user have no choice except the to go with the registration process

  • It guides the users quickly to proceed further

  • The freemium model makes user understand the flow and how to use the app and later on it asks for sign up.















8. LinkedIn
LinkedIn has reported 822 million registered users in Quarter 1 of 2022, with 310 million monthly active users. The LinkedIn app is available in 24 languages worldwide and has reached 200 countries. It has seamless integration for smooth onboarding flow across different devices. This means the user will have the same experience either he is using on a mac or on an android device.

The features LinkedIn has:

  • LinkedIn offers a complete guide to set up the user profile

  • It also offers suggestions for best match jobs, events useful for you, trainings which match your domain, people to connect and so on

  • You can learn more about LinkedIn simply  by swiping

9. Mailchimp
Mailchimp has emerged as one of the powerful tool for email marketing. Email marketing plays a crucial role in driving sales and brand awareness, which is why a consolidated, featured, easy to use software is required and that's what Mailchimp is. Mailchimp has been around for 17 years with the 4 billion audience base where almost 11 million are active customers.

What makes MailChimp onboarding easy?

  • Mailchimp has clear UX copy and also demonstrates to the new user, which is helpful for the people who don’t have the marketing software experience

  • Its onboarding process has a questionnaire for user which makes the software feature available as per the user need

  • After the questionnaire, it understands user needs

10. Figma
Figma is used by the giant organizations like Twitter, Volvo, Dropbox etc. It is a cloud based tool,  primarily used by software design teams who work on multifunctionalities and want simplicity in the maintenance. It also provides real-time feedback to the team with the feature of sharing the files within the platform. Figma has explosive growth with its freemium model with 55 million monthly active users.

The figma features:

  • Figma offers stepwise guide to the user, which makes it easy to use

  • It guides user about key differences between other tools and Figma

  • Figma uses the animated demonstrations to demonstrate the functionalities

1 (1).png

You can take these example to serve your customer in the best possible manner and can take ideas to make your c onboarding flow smooth and easy. Also, make sure visuals play trump card in onboarding flow. Don't forget to create good visuals for your onboarding UI.

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