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Service Business Apps - What Are They And How To Create them?

Service for you + Business for them

The world around us and the App store in our mobiles is full of Apps. From a teeny-tiny application, like an electrician to fix a light bulb, to large scale applications like booking a parking space in a huge parking lot, service apps like these have been making our lives easier.

These service apps help us, make our work easier and help us save our time and energy through their numerous features and simple usability, which enables anyone to find what they want.

Companies know what the people want and make it best suited to anyone accessing it. Once, it is accomplished, it’s a win-win for both sides.


An Example from a list of Numerous Ones

For example, we are very much familiar with food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, Uber Eats etc, who deliver food at our doorsteps within a very short time period. They offer variety of options like cuisines to choose from, price ranges to select with a large range of restaurants and of course, coupons and offers. So, if we are hungry, we don’t even need a total of 5 minutes, it’s just a matter of 3-4 clicks, and waiting for a few minutes and voila!! the food is there.

This was just a SINGLE example from the food delivery sector which is flourishing right now and has also got investments from other big organizations.

How Vast it is ?

Talking about the vastness of the service apps, we should know that the field is quite vast, and ever developing. It has its reach in each and every sector we can think of. One of them above, are the food delivery apps, other than that there are numerous sectors like-

  1. Beauty 

People have always been concerned about their looks and want to enhance it in any way possible. With the lack of time and increase in travelling, while working or even if at home, we are unable to adjust and make out time due to some or other reasons. At this time, apps like these, come to our rescue and help us.

Some of the examples of such apps are Beyou and Blow Ltd, in UK, where Makeup services, Hair Cutting and other beauty treatments are provided at people’s doorstep by professionals to pamper one selves.

Image by freestocks

2. Healthcare

Mostly, while mentioning, we write beauty and healthcare together, but as the apps are different for both of them, we are mentioning it separately. There are sub categories in that too, if people need professionals for maintaining their physical heath or want to maintain their mental health.

With the help of these apps, people can monitor their health, book appointment with doctors, receive the prescribed medicines also. Apps like HealthifyMe keep a track of the food eaten, exercise done, calorie intake and suggest people accordingly, other than that apps like Netmeds, Practo, PharmEasy offer hospital related services at our fingertips.















3.  Home Services Apps


There are numerous works we have at home and we need separate people for each job. But, apps like Urbanclap make it easier to get all services like electrician, mechanic,maid services,beauty services etc on a single platform and very few clicks.
















There are various laundry service apps like Cleanly, which can be booked through an app, the laundry gets picked up and is back with clean ones.

Pharmacist Assisting Customer
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4. Some Fancy Apps

The reach of apps is not limited to such basic needs. Some shopaholic people who get confused while buying apparels for themselves, get confused and need someone to approve or disapprove their choices. Thus, some apps provide shopping assistants who stay with them while buying clothes and help them with their choices.

Pet lovers themselves are also sometimes in need of walkers who would walk their pets as they(owners) don't get time and can afford it which can now be done through these service apps.There are still numerous other service business apps which are making life easier, but can anyone who wants such an app, create it and become successful like the ones above?




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Answer To The Big Question

In today's time, nothing is unachievable.

For building such a kind of app, there are some basic questions which need to be answered, making the work focussed in the correct direction.

  • What is the Purpose?

  • Who is the Audience?

  • How will it benefit them?

  • How will it be achieved?

And lastly

  • How will it benefit the business?


  • What is the Purpose?

Any success story starts with a small and effective idea for the benefit of all. Once, this is known, the path becomes a bit clearer.

Like the apps like Big Basket or Grofers, found out the requirement of grocery by customers and made it easy for them, to get the entire necessary ration at home with a few clicks and thus, is now flourishing.

  • Who is the Audience and How will it benefit them?

The right people have to be targeted at the right time, so that they get what they want without causing any loss to the business service. For example, the cab services like Ola and Uber offer their services to office going people also other than the normal booking manner for a city or out station ride  or other short trips. They observed the time being consumed by office going people in travelling through their personal vehicles or through public transport and offered shared cab services which benefited the office going people as they get a comfortable ride and the cab service company too.

  • How will it be achieved / Plan of Action ?

Every great idea has a master plan behind it. Only after a plan of action and the steps to achieve it is ready, the focus can be set into the right direction. 

Some of the methods to build a service app is by :

  • Going through similar apps, observing their working and learning from their drawbacks to make a better app.

  • Wireframing is an excellent method to see how the app will look and work. It is just like a visual storyboard where the ideas can be jotted down like WeUI.

  • How will it benefit the business?

Once the above questions are answered, the business is ought to benefit!!


At the end of the day, any of the options on our list of the best apps for small business may be useful for optimizing your day-to-day processes. Plus, since most of these apps are free (or at least free with an online software subscription) there’s no harm in downloading them, trying them out, and deciding whether or not they’re right for your business.

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