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Restaurant & Supply Chain Marketplace

About The Project

A company wanted to create an application where customer can order food, groceries and can dine in. Also, they wanted a system which can measure their restaurant supply, table orders, a POS system to handle restaurant operations and they wanted a software too , to manage their restaurant staff, customer management, weekly reports, online offline orders statistics and restaurant food supplies. As they wanted a solution for the three problems, we have sort their issue with two solutions

Our Contributions

Infoware has provided them a solution to cater to their needs. We have designed multiple connectivity modules—each designed to digitize, integrate, streamline and optimize specific transactions comprising mission-critical supply chain functionality. These solutions work together to streamline the end-to-end supply chain. From mastering supplier relationships to optimizing customer retention, plug into one or all of the Infoware supply chain solutions to bring the power of connectivity to your supply chain. We have designed a software which can measure their performance on timely basis, are able to track table orders, food supplies, food stock in restaurant. Also, we have provided a POS System for billing and payments.


Restaurant & Supply Chain Management is one of the projects we have been doing from start to finish. It has some integrations we never did before like Google API translation for all user-generated content. Multilingual content is not only present on user interface but it is searchable with Solr Sunspot technology.


Featured, Marketplace, MVP, Ruby on rails, UX design, App, Website


React.js, Redis, Sidekiq, RSpec, SCSS, Amazon AWS, REST API/GraphQL, 


Google translate API, Paytm/UPI , Mailgun, AWS Cloud Services.

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