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Implement these ways to get new/ keep old customers to your site

Businesses have been swearing by this saying and following it religiously as it stands true for any business. Any business, big or small can only exist if it can satisfy and cater the needs of a customer. Otherwise, an unsatisfied customer is the worst thing any business can ever imagine.

E-commerce businesses have been in the market for quite a lot of time and have been trying to gain the attention of the customers through their marketing strategies. Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they fall flat on their faces. An e-commerce site can only flourish if it can provide a seamless and hassle free shopping experience to any customer making it easy and memorable so that they come back and shop another time.

Here, we have some of the innovative features that some e-commerce sites already have and the ones which don’t have can implement it to gain customers.

1.Serve it Hot

Food always tastes best when it is served hot. Similarly, when the desired product on e-commerce site is displayed without even typing for it completely, it is when the customer becomes a fan of your site and comes to buy again. A number of filters and search criteria should be present on the site for the customer to choose from. People have many choices. Thus, to cater to their needs, if the search options are given, they would be able to find the perfect product they desire, instead of just hovering over the site and getting bored. Voice activated search is also a great option to search for any product. For example, for a fashion website selling apparels and shoes, the customer can be asked a few questions relating to search, like, for which occasion, colour preference, favourite colour/ print etc. This would help to know what the customer wants and the best possible results can be displayed.

2.Social Media Savvy

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that, those who are not present online are lost and have no existence. These are the times, when people are into their mobile phones all the time, surfing through social media and knowing more about new things through it. Therefore, it becomes very important that, any e-commerce should get to social media to connect to new people and maintain its brand identity. It helps the business to connect with the people and increases credibility. There are some sites which show a pop-up to the customers visiting the site about what other customers bought, which helps them know about the product and also keeps a busy –atmosphere on the website, increasing its positive review on the customer’s mind.

3.Awesome Product Details

Gone are the days, when a product was displayed with the help of regular images. If the attention of the customer is required, the product should be displayed in such a way that the content is unique in it and displayed attractively. More specifically, a video form!! E-Commerce businesses nowadays use another new format to display a product, which is an image + gif, known as a cinema graph. It is one of the best ways to display the product. This helps to know the product properly and without too much written matter to read. Another method, which can be understood with the help of an example are products displayed in the complete look book format, as for a fashion website, which displays the model displaying the whole look, starting from a handkerchief to the cuffs.

4.Faster Delivery

Amazon has left behind all the other e-commerce companies in the matter of faster deliveries. Amazon Prime is the star feature of this site where it offers delivery of items to its premium members within two days. This has helped it gain a very large customer base. It has already started working on the delivery of products through drones, which will be making the process even faster.


Chatbots and AI have brought a revolution in the field of e-commerce. They not only make the process of customer support easier, but also help to make the site better by collecting data from the customers and keeping that in mind and answering the next customers or suggesting the same customers. As chatbots such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Siri have become common, more people are using them to place order, make transactions and getting suggestions.

6.Content that Matters

The more the matter on a website is attractive, the more the customers will want to spend time on the website and look for the product they want. The content on the site should not onlyconsist of the product, but should also contain some DIY videos, How-to videos and curated articles on the other products on the website. For example, a website that sells luggage items can keep some videos about packing luggage smartly etc.

7.Try on Feature

Website like offers a virtual try- on option for any customer visiting the website by uploading their image and trying the different frames, which helps to know which frame suits better on our face. Other websites like offers a try at home option to their customers, which removes the hassles of going to the store and helps to try the desired jewellery at home at our own convenience.

8.FAQ Page

A study has proved that many people move away from a website, if they cannot find their doubts getting solved on it. Ultimately, this is a loss to the e-commerce company. Hence, keeping FAQs on the site, helps to resolve many doubts of the customers, saves their time which they would have wasted in calling customer care and also takes some load off the support team.

9. Wishlist

It is a human tendency to think and think and then decide on something. This is what a wishlist is for. The wishlist helps the people to remember the items, they almost bought, but still not finalized on it, thus helping to order it sometime later in the future when finalized.

10.Easy Checkout

The checkout has to be easy, in order for the customer to spend less time, on the page, waiting for the loading page and the authentication to occur. Moreover, with the advancements of digital payment options like Google Pay, Paypal, the process becomes faster and easier.

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