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Vietnamese chicken rice and spring rolls
Online Food Ordering Platform & App
Project Type

Alshaya, a very famous company in Dubai, decided to provide an online platform where customers can have all the options of Alshaya foods at one place. With the project idea defined, the team searched the iOS App Store for food delivery apps. This gave us a better understanding of the existing food delivery apps out there. For each app, we identified what key features they had and read reviews to identify pain points and what features people want. We used this information to formulate our user interview questions and will revisit them when making workflow and design decisions.

Technologies & Tools Used

ostgreSQL, Grape, Babel, ESnext, Cucumber, Sidekiq, RSpec

Key Challenges

The system also needed to include a built-in reservation system, social media connections and a navigation utility for mobile users to reach their destinations.

The project involved massive volumes of data based on the huge number of alshaya food menu as well as distinct keyword-driven data types to make it easy for foodies to have their favorite cuisines.

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Fast Food
Proposition & Solution
  • Advanced search functionality. Restaurant module to view the details of the restaurant and book the restaurant online.

  • A Widget System, so the booking could be made from other sites.

  • Yield Calendar Implementation for real time calculation of discounts. Multilingual site for getting users from everywhere.

We have created an application with filters where customers can easily see their every favorite products in one app. Alshaya has very different types of food so we made some categories into it for better visualization.

Our Contribution

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Image by Alexander Shatov
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