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On- Demand Bakery Solution
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Project Type

Caffe Marchio honors the Roman tradition of delicious coffee in an energetic and convivial environment. Open from morning through early evening, Caffe Marchio serves up a proprietary roast designed to evoke the gutsy character of Roman espresso and to complement the array of breakfast sandwiches and Italian inspired pastries. They wanted  the solution for integrations, backend, marketing guidance and POS System.

Technologies & Tools Used

React.js, Redis, Sidekiq, RSpec, SCSS, Amazon AWS, REST API/GraphQL

Key Challenges

The major challenge was to integrate the payment gateway within the website.

The last big challenge was to deploy some unique, useful and critical features on this website which can increase its efficiency for the shoppers.

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Proposition & Solution
  • The team developed a flexible bakery e-commerce website for their shoppers in order to make their shopping experience more realistic.

  • Search functionality was made intuitive to enable it to return the accurate results.

  • We ensured quality coding and testing before the delivery.

  • We have also deployed many new and advanced features so that it came out as the best bakery e-commerce portal as compared to others.

In a few months, a supply engineering team was created. Thus, our developers became fully valid members of the project. We focused on building and modifying the functionality for buyers. The biggest technical challenge our software development team had was related to the legacy code that we had to optimize and rewrite. Our development team was responsible for improving this workflow. The aim was to improve the conversion rate so that sellers do not leave the website during the ordering process.

Our Contribution

Adani decided to sell their fortune food products online where customers can easily buy things and can get home delivery but Adani company was confused about how they can make it better so they came to Infoware.

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