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Overall Student Growth through Learning Games/Apps/Websites

Education is one of the most phases of life of a human and most memorable. Children love to go to school and learn new things. In today’s world, education has become more interactive than it was in the past 10 years. The teaching methods have changed and so have the children’s grasping power. Everything is not just relied upon the book facts but is more intuitive and dynamic.

As the children now, have new questions to ask, new answers to give, the learning methods to teach them and resolve their doubts have changed. Internet is the driving factor for mostly all the things we do in life; so, is it in the Educational field.

Every child now has a smartphone with them, and phones have tons of apps/ websites available on it. Thus, it was thought to make use of the smartphone or the tablet itself and make some good use of it and introduce learning in such a manner, which becomes interesting to the students and make some good use of their phones.

Thus, learning games/apps/websites were introduced to the students, which develop curiosity, increase knowledge and lessen the monotonous manner of teaching employed.

Below, we have 5 of the most popular and feature rich online learning games which help the students and the teachers in their overall academic growth without getting bored.

1. Book Widgets

Website :

Bookwidgets is quite a popular site, which is now available in app too, which offers interactive learning solutions for students by a teacher. The teacher needs to select the grade he/ she is teaching and then can start developing further. There are a variety of over 40 games and exercises for the students, that the teachers can develop.

  • A variety of options like quizzes, Worksheets, Games, Timelines, matching pairs and many more options are provided. After the creation of the app, the teacher just needs to share the link with the students through a short code or scanning a QR, after which they can start answering.

  • It is accessible on iPads & iPhones, Android and Windows devices and desktops too.

  • Easy to create and easy to share on many other educational platforms like Moodle, Google Classroom, Explain Everything, Canvas etc.

  • The analytic tracks the student’s activity, hence it is useful to monitor the progress and provide grades accordingly.

  • There are various pricing options available to choose from

2. Explain Everything

Website :

Like we explain everything on a board, so is this app, which explains everything on a white online whiteboard. One might wonder, if presentations can be shown, what use would a white board be!!

  • By using this app, students can document their task through videos, pictures, making books and record everything, making it creative.

  • A Teacher can make instructional videos and share it with the students, making their learning easy and creative.

  • Students creating their own videos through videos, annotations, animated videos and pictures, makes them creative and allows the matter to be remembered easily. 

  • Cloud sharing availability lets the students stay updated and online.

  • Live Collaboration keeps all the students in sync and enables them know what the other students are thinking and working.

  • Easily integrated with G-Suite, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, YouTube etc.









3. Google Classroom


Google Classroom is yet another successful venture of Google into the field of Education. It also provides a paperless classroom for the teachers and students, where the teacher can upload their lectures by recording them and easily share them with the students. It helps in providing a satisfactory experience, owing to Google’s name.

  • The students and teacher just need a Gmail account to start with it. It stays connected to Google Docs and Google Apps, thus maintaining flexibility.

  • Google Classroom is part of the Google for Education suite that includes Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Sites, Slides, Forms, Sheets, Docs, Vault, and Calendar.

  • After the assignment or the document is shared with the students, the students can easily stay in contact with the teachers and ask any doubt if required.

  • Calendar integration helps to keep up to date with the future activities, which can be added either from the Calendar or the Google Classroom app itself.


4. Kahoot


Kahoot is a fun filled interactive game app which interests’ students to a great extent. It can be played individually or in a group too. It just needs a kahoot account to get started and the teachers can start making their games for the students or they can also use the games already present in it. They can then, share the code with the students, who can start playing it thereafter. The students need to tick off the correct answer as soon as possible, which makes this game app, fun and competitive. For the correct answers, they get points.


  • It offers teacher/ student screen sharing for the teacher to broadcast the screen to multiple students at once.

  • Class notes, quizzes and presentations of the students can be shared.

  • Progress of the students can be tracked through the app.

  • Available in Kahoot, Kahoot! Plus, and Kahoot! Pro categories offering some more functionalities.









5. Popplet


This is an idea generator app which helps to brainstorm and generate ideas, thoughts, capture facts and jot them down on the platform. It organizes ideas and information into something called, popples which can be resized, renamed and shifted here and there as required.


  • Images and videos can be easily added into it.

  • It helps to focus on a single popple and work on it.

  • It offers a tracing feature for the ”not so artistic” people.

  • It has a share URL feature, which enables the popple to be shared in PDF or JPEG format with others.

  • Various pricing options are available as per the requirement.

Learning Games/Apps/Websites
Learning Games/Apps/Websites
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popplet learning app

Learning and Innovation go hand in hand. In this Era of Innovation, a lot of things are getting evolved and so is education. Access to any information from anywhere at any time makes the learning process convenient and easy. In these changing times, access to information is at the fingertips through mobile phones.

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