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Flutter is popular, no doubt at all. As per Google more than 100,000 apps have been launched since Flutter came into existence.

Just for your information flutter is not used only for developing mobile apps. In Fact it can be used for creating web apps or desktop apps. Flutter will help you create complex UI easily and it will not have any negative impact on web performance. Just for the note flutter web apps run faster than others.

Flutter has some of the bombastic features every developer loves. One of the highlighted features is its Hot Reload Button, with just a one click it automates UI changes update, which makes the whole procedure so smooth and easy.

So, if you’re planning to invoke flutter in your web application, then this piece of information will be very useful for you. 

Table of Content

  • Why should you choose Flutter for your web application development?

  • What are the steps of web application development with Flutter?

Why Should You Choose Flutter For Your Web Application Development?


Flutter gives smooth development experience, also minimizes the cost, time and efforts. In addition to all of this flutter, build an app with smooth animations and interactive design.

Then let’s move ahead to fetch your answer….

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- Google Certified
Flutter is google certified after all it was launched by google more than 100,000 in play store are developed through flutter

- Mobile & Web app development altogether
Flutter offers same time UI code enablement for mobile and web. That means developers can easily develop mobile and web apps with the same UI code and at the same time.

- Best User Experience
Flutter minimizes cost, time and efforts. In addition to this it loads faster, gives smooth experience, easy development and updates which ultimately gives best user experience.

- Ideal for MVP
MVPs are the simplest version available for an app which offers basic functionality. They are said to be ideal for testing and collecting reviews for further updates. Now you’re wondering what flutter has to do with it? Let me clear it for you. Flutter represents these MVPs to your investors. 


Also, developers don’t have to create separate backends for developing MVP due to Firebase plugin availability in Flutter

What are the Steps of Web Application Development with Flutter?


1. Market Research
The foremost step to develop a flutter base web application is Market research. Because market research helps you to get the marketing insights and current market trends, which helps you to be up-to-date about your competitors as well. Market research helps you to measure tactics and alter mistakes further this helps you to re-innovate your marketing strategy.

2. Target Audience
Flutter offers a series of features but you need to identify the features your target audience wants. When you know your target audience , you know what they want, it minimizes the time investment in the development process and sets your priorities in the development process. Just make sure to match your product with the requirements of your audience and there you go nothing can stop you!

3. UI/UX design
Let me ask what is the first thing or the thing which makes you stay on the web application?
Content? Call to Actions? Your Product? Offers & Discount? No!!! The Answer is not from all of these in fact it's your UI/UX design. If you're able to develop an interactive innovative and engaging UI/UX design it will automatically make your user stay on your web app. Don’t forget to make your web application user friendly. Well, here comes the flutter role, flutter offers a color palette selection and pause-to-look animations  which generates impressive visual experience. So, Flutter offers you resilient UI/UX design.

4. Choose the right Agency
Now comes the crucial part of choosing the flutter web application development company or agency. Choose an agency who delivers your work on time and is professional in flutter web app development. Here the some things to check;

  • Hire a experienced agency

  • Do check their past flutter web application development work

  • Check the flutter expertise of their development team

  • Clear communication about app maintenance policies

  • Choose the one who actually understands your requirements

5. Develop MVP
Developing MVP is very important as it will showcase the future path for you and will give you the idea that it will work or not. If you want your MVP to be successful then hire  the experienced team of developers or agency, who not only build a solution for you but also will guide you during the whole process

6. Testing
No matter what framework you’re using to develop web applications, do test your application and for that you can divide testing in these categories;
- UI/UX Testing :  This testing involves to check the software components users will interact with
- Regression testing : This testing involves the testing of website to check whether or not the web app flow is going smoothly
- Functional testing:  It is a kind of testing to check the web app functionalities met with requirements at all

Always make sure that you do proper testing of your flutter web application, because it will minimize the development time and cost and will identify the bugs

7. App Hosting
After testing the web application, you have to select the server. For that you’ve to buy a domain name if you don’t have it and mount it on an SSL certificate. After that , choose the cloud provider, such as Google Cloud, Azure, AWS.

8. Deploy Web Application
After you’re done with the hosting of the application, you’re good to go to make it public. Now, just upload the web application to the hosting server. What next ? Your customer can use it easily.

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Wait …. Your work doesn't end here after uploading the application you’ve to track down the flutter web application performance by using analytics tools also, answer users queries and concerns. Also keep updating users about future updates.

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