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Factors Affecting ROI from a Learning Management System

The value of a Learning Management System in an organization

LMS or Learning Management Systems have been an organization’s partner in helping out the employees when some new skill, new software is to be made familiar to the people. Other than that when the need for engaging employees arises, with the motto of targeted education suiting the standards of the organization, LMs plays an important role in the same.

The value of the LMS increases and is successful only when the suitable ROI (Return on Investment) from it is obtained. The amount of ROI from the LMS is very much important, as for any organisation it takes a lot of investment and hard work to select, work upon and employ person/persons to teach something new to everyone, organising it and allocating time for it.

Factors affecting ROI

1. Cost


  • The cost is an important factor as LMS is not only about training; it would drive the organisation and increase its efficiency.

  • With the number of options of LMSs available in the market, it is necessary to select the best out of which suits the company and would be easier to be worked upon by the people, or else the company would spend too much on buying and licensing and the LMS may not be that effective.

  • The cost of all the LMSs should be compared by preparing a table type of thing, with all the LMS and their features filtered by discussing it with the management level people also, so that they would provide an insight on the same and help to select the best among all.

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2. Revenue Generation


  • The goal of an LMS is revenue generation. It is being used to increase the educational offering and it is necessary to know how much it would help in increasing the sales of the company, which is quite difficult to find out, but can be guessed, based on the educational quantity, quality and depth.

  • But it is a risk worth taking as bringing something new to the employees would give them a chance to learn it and it would be for the betterment of all.

  • If an LMS is good, it will surely reduce the costs of training and increase the revenue of the company.















3.  User Experience


  • It is one of the best ways to measure the ROI of the LMS.

  • Only if the user (the employee) finds it easy to work with, he will gain something more out of it, or else, time would waste in knowing how it works, what to do, how to navigate or any other functionality. 

  • Taking a free trial of the LMS and working on it would provide a better idea and one would come to know the feasibility of the LMS it will have with everyone.

  • The LMS should be such that it should enhance user experience and also be familiar to the people using it, customised to suit the organization’s standards so that it adds  a level of comfort, which helps in easy engagement of employees.

  • Help options like FAQs, Tips and Tricks should be provided so as to make the process easier for everyone.















4. Social Media to help you out


  • In the world of staying online and live streaming, social media is one of the factors that would prove motivating so that the employees can share their experiences and can also discuss with other people using the same LMS.

  • Corporate eLearning blogs and social media groups allow corporate learners to interact with their peers directly, as well as tracking tools that help monitor learner engagement and participation.

  • People can post their developments on social media to let everyone how much they completed, and of someone does not understand, they can help them, or discuss it.

  • This would make the learning experience, an engaging employee program which would motivate more learners and ROI of the company is justified.

App User

5. Make it a smooth journey


  • Introducing the LMS should be done in a proper way so that maximum people can be brought on board with it.

  • Employees should be allowed to be made their selves familiar so that they do not feel like it is being forced on to them and they, by choice and interest start exploring it and gain knowledge

  • Anything new, might be difficult for anyone, especially for adults as they are not children who would grasp anything quickly. Thus, patience and perseverance is required for the whole process, so that the learner does not get bored in the starting itself and adapts to the LMS by himself.





6. Content is also  a driving factor


  • Engaging content would always be the driving factor for gaining the maximum number of audience.

  • Introducing user friendly approach through videos, images and other supporting files, would not only make the understanding easier, but also make it interesting. For example, a famous story/novel/book is always more interesting, when conveyed to us in a movie form rather than in the book as we can see and visualize the characters and situations.

  • The matter in the LMS would not be that dramatic, but would definitely be easier to grasp.

  • In addition to an interesting content, awards and prizes for completing a module or phase in the LMS, or a reward after a questionnaire would boost the confidence and the zeal to learn, thus inspiring others to achieve the same.















7. Feedback from the Learners


  • The people using the LMS can only give the detailed feedback of all its positives and negatives.

  • This would not only help in knowing what the employees feel and make them feel valued, but also to know the exact user experience as usually promised by the LMS vendor, which can be a lesson for the future.

  • Taking the feedback, it can be made public to all, to let others know how it is, success stories, user experiences etc.

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The Journey
Group Discussion

Millennials are more tech-savvy than any generation before them. With millions of them entering higher learning institutions and the workforce, the growth of eLearning isn’t slowing down anytime soon. An LMS can help your educational methods to remain relevant and appealing as consumer expectations change. This list is a great place to start your search. For best results, however, it’s best to assess your business’s unique needs and expectations to select the best LMS to get the job done. 

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