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Every Small Business Needs These Software Tools

Running a small business is a work of art. It means managing each and everything like an MNC but just on smaller scale. Each and everything should be micro managed so that nothing goes wrong. The team should be able to do maximum work in the shortest time possible. For that to happen there is a requirement of some tools, software tools, which would make the work easier to work and faster.

Here, we have a list of some of the productive software tools which can be used for swift work to take place.

Some of the Productive Software Tools
  1. 1. Marketing, Customer Acquisition and Customer Management Tools 


The prime objective of any business is to get more customers, and tools like the below ones would help in reaching and getting more customers.


|| Active Campaign ||

Website :


It is voted one of best and marketing tools, which has many useful features. Before few years, this platform was not that famous, but now, it has made a mark in the field of email marketing business.

  • It offers the all-in-one solution of CRM, marketing automation and email marketing tools for easy access and use. 

  • It also provides various plans as per the suitability of the user. 

  • A unique feature of it is the deal pipelines, which help to visualize and keep the step by step process on a board and track its progress. 

  • If there are many people working on the same project, they can be sent the work distribution directly or through automation by filtering through various categories like geographical location or lead type.

  • Marketing automation that helps to find the perfect customer and discovers what they want and delivers accordingly.

  • It has 4 types of pricing plans to select from: lite, plus, professional and enterprise which can be selected to paid monthly or yearly.

  • A free demo trial is available which is useful.

Screenshot (134)_edited.jpg

|| Infusionsoft by Keap ||

Website :


  • An online CRM program with marketing assistance for any small business  with features to capture leads with its uniqueness.

  • Marketing automation is implemented in this and provides facilities like customizable landing pages, web forms, importing a list or connection to its API.

  • Drag and drop fields are presents as to automate the process.

  • All the information like project, keep details, customer interactions, emails and run campaigns like to the client, and enabled for Android and iOS enabled smartphones.

  • It offers integration with applications like QuickBooks, SalesForce, Outlook and Gmail.

  • It manages email campaigns with a “Custom Campaign Builder” feature that targets recipients based on your contacts list.















|| Salesforce ||

Website :


  • It provides unique solutions to small, big and startup companies.

  • The Opportunity Management feature of the software helps to know more about the potential and provides all details about their activity history, discussions done in the past etc.

  • The Lead Management, Marketing Automation, Sales Data, and Partner Management  apps help to create a systematic process from lead till it becomes a client.

  • The Salesforce Sales Cloud integrates with business solutions, like TeamSupport FinancialForce ERP, Ambassador, Zendesk, and other major CRM, sales, and accounting solutions.

  • It’s Android and iOS apps help to stay mobile and help to stay in contact with the potential clients always.

  • Web services and Google Apps Integration facility.

  • It has a pricing plan of $25/month which supports 10 users, which is all in one. Other than that, there are separate plans for sales, service and marketing with their unique features and price to choose.

  • Trial is also available.















2. Accounting and Finance Software

The must haves for any business.

|| Zoho Books ||

Website :


  • A smart accounting software for small business that helps them make smart data based decisions.

  • As it is specially designed for small businesses, it is easy to use and provides features like, P&L, Balance sheet, cash flow statements etc. and many more.

  • Visual graphs and charts available make it more understandable and provide maximum details through it.

  • It is a part of the many Zoho Apps and due to this; it can be integrated with them to get the functionalities of all the other apps.

  •  Automatic payment reminders a can be created customizable to the customer.

  • Management and tracking of projects becomes easy as once the user logins and enters the details about the project status and time taken to complete it, records those expenses and invoices clients about it. 

  • It can be easily integrated to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

  • It is functional in multiple languages alongside English in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese, Brazilian, and Japanese.

Screenshot (135)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (136)_edited_edited.jpg
Screenshot (137)_edited.jpg

|| Wave Accounting ||

Website :


  • Wave accounting is also made for small businesses offering simplified solutions for monitoring expenses, payment reminders and managing employees and taxes.

  • One of the best features of it is that, its free.

  • It has a receipt scanning tool with bank connections.

  • the system also enables user to accept payments via credit cards.

  • Tax calculations and deductions can be monitored easily.

  • Supports web based and Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.





  • || Quickbooks ||

Website :


  • This software is available in various options like one-time, multi-user options.

  • A unique feature of it is the Pay now link-which connects the pending invoices to credit cards or bank accounts.

  • It provides a simple profit and loss reporting which helps to know the present stage of the business in a very few clicks.

  • There are plans like pro and pro plus which have slightly extra features to choose. The pro plus edition offers premium support 24*7 through experienced technicians.

  • If an issue occurs, the system will report a message directly on the screen and it can be solved by using another unique feature ”advanced toolbox” and the technical team would be contacted for further help. 













Screenshot (138)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (139)_edited.jpg

Act! offers a complete online support portal to help customers find answers to commonly asked questions, access our knowledgebase, download guides and video tutorials, and get support through our web chat feature. Digital and phone support is also available in higher tiered plans.

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