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Choose Your Sports Trainer & Get Fit Online

In today’s time, time is the thing, which we do not have. We have so many things to do in a day, that we cannot adjust our time to do anything extra. And in this type of schedule, we are unable to manage our time and take care of our health by exercising. Even if we want to exercise, there are different kinds of exercising, particular to a body type and shape, which when done properly, gives the maximum result.

Most of the people do not know, what is right to do, how to do, when to do etc. and if they know that, it is difficult to maintain a proper diet for it, accordingly. If anyone who wants to exercise and stay healthy, they also need to follow a proper diet to it. All these things can be performed by a trainer, but it is a huge task to find a trainer and then follow them accordingly.

Websites on the internet come to rescue us from this and with the huge amount of information  these sites and the trainers on it carry, help us to know more about sports and fitness  and thus, helping us get healthier.

Online Sports Platforms & Apps to Stay Fit

Let us have a look at some of the sports and fitness websites :

  1. Gameify

Website :

Gameify connects sports trainers/ coaches with anyone who wants to learn better.

It is one of the most popular and resourceful website in terms of sports training for an individual organisation, business, or even a sports organisation offering such services to others. 

For Trainers

Trainers need to sign up on the website with all their qualifications and certifications, their previous experiences so that it would be helpful to others who join, to know them better. Once the profile is created, it is visible on the site for others to see, people visiting the site are able to view these details, and the trainer gets the notification and sends RFQ (Request for Quotation) for the particular sport and the fee details. The training can then start which can be tracked online and completed.

For Organisations

Organisations need to register themselves and make a profile with all necessary details in it. When needed, they send the RFQ to the ones requiring the services, they can be a trainer or even a service provider, who receive the RFQ, review it and then finalize the deal. After that, the payment details can be added and the training can start along with the online tracking process.

This site not only helps the people who require coaches and professional people to teach them, but a very good opportunity to the trainers who can showcase their skill at the right place and get paid according to it.

Screenshot (105)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (105)_edited.jpg

2. The Coach Crew

Website :

The Coach Crew helps find trainers for an individual. This company is established in Mumbai and helps to find coaches in the city.The individual just needs to enter the sport he/she is interested in, it then shows a list of coaches available for the sport with their qualifications and the user can connect to them and start the training.

A useful feature provided here, are the filters  that help to find the perfect coach. There is also a FAQs page, which helps to resolve any doubts if arised. And of further help is needed, there is a ‘chat now’ option available.

Screenshot (106)_edited.jpg

3. KOOH Sports

Website :


KOOH (Kids Out Of Home) Sports is an international sports Education, Training & Technology Company, headquartered in Dubai which promotes health and physical education as a very important part of a child’s life and works according to it. It has its office in Mumbai.

It offers various programs for kids, schools, organisations, coaches and sports properties. Sports properties here, is a program in which the institution offers programmes for self- defence to girls by training and organising camps for it. Many kinds of sports events are also organised by KOOH. They keep a track of the sports performance and health details of the kids and take care accordingly to train them better.

Screenshot (107)_edited.jpg

4. BodySculptor

Website :

Bodysculptor has been a very famous name in the field of personal fitness training. It is preferred by a lot of celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Varun Dhawan, Abhishek Bacchhan, Amitabh Bacchhan, Ajay Devgn and many more. 


They offer a number of services like;

  • Fat loss

  • Online Personal Training

  • 8 Week Transformation

  • Nutrition Counselling

  • Muscle Building

  • Lean Chicken

Each of which has its own requirements and restrictions. Along with offline, they offer online training with customised training and diet plans helping to stay healthier.

Screenshot (108)_edited.jpg

5. Fit Nation – Online Fitness Transformation Platform

Website :

Fit Nation also has a number of fitness trainers who have transformed 7000+ plus in the last 1 year. They follow the motto of fit lifestyle for a fit nation and also offer  many types of fitness programs suited for any individual.

Screenshot (109)_edited.jpg

6. Nipun Jain Fitness

Website :

Nipun Jain is a certified fitness trainer who offers online personal fitness training and nutrition services. His website has much to read about workouts, exercise and how to follow his program, what to do, what not to do etc. Also, he offers 100% money back guarantee, if there is no change in the person who joined for the program.

Screenshot (110)_edited.jpg

7. JC Fitness – Jogee Chauhan Online Personal Fitness Trainer

Website :

Jogee Chauhan  is a certified fitness trainer (American College Of Sports Medicine) who has satisfied many of his members through his unique workout plans and diet programs catered to the individual’s need and capacity.

Screenshot (111)_edited.jpg

7. Shreyas Kamath Fitness 

Website :

Shreyas Kamath is a certified professional who offers  physical fitness and personalized training to individuals  through custom made diet plan, custom made workout plan like 1 year transformation program, 12 weeks muscle building training program, 12 week routine for women, 3 months online fitness coaching, 6 months fat loss program, 8 weeks natural bodybuilding program.

He also writes books to inspire people.

Screenshot (112)_edited.jpg

Fitness apps keep track of your goals and remind you to follow them. With the best fitness apps, you can achieve your goals and stay healthy. So, if you wanna stay fit, quickly grab this chance to download a fitness app and enjoy its benefits to stay healthy. The arrival of home workout apps is no less than a boon for those who find it difficult to spare time for visiting a gym or fitness club, but want to maintain a fit lifestyle. Using such an application, they can work out anywhere as per their convenience. What’s more exciting about these apps is that most of them come up with an AI-based personal trainer who can guide and train you like a human trainer. 

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