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Best Loyalty & Membership Program Apps for Enterprises

Loyalty programs are one of the important parts of user engagement especially in recent times. It is one of the most used customer engagement strategies by businesses.  Loyalty programs keep increasing customer loyalty towards the organization. Loyalty programs have incentive based structure, that is, customers receive some kind of reward points, discount cards, membership points, every time they make a purchase, which ultimately boost the conversion rates and higher revenue. Loyalty programs motivate customers to interact with your app. 

Nowadays, there are thunderous of loyalty programs available some are superior than other in reward terms some are superior in reward redemption terms, which is why here at Infoware we’ve come up with the current best loyalty program which can be easily implement in your business and will provide you higher revenue.


Table of Content

  • 5 best Loyalty/Reward Program App

  • How to develop Loyalty program

  • 5 best Membership Program App

  • How to develop Membership Program

5 Best Loyalty Program Apps

1. Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the leading ecommerce brands in India, which has now been bought by Walmart. Flipkart has the Supercoin Loyalty program for its customers. Every time a customer makes a purchase , he receives the super coins which he can redeem in his next order amount. It acts as an additional discount during the  checkout process. 

2. Amazon

Amazon is the number one ecommerce brand all over the world. No doubt that amazon is at number one position in retaining customers because amazon always uses a customer-centric approach to the customer. Amazon's complete focus lies on customers , giving them the best user experience and complete satisfaction for their every purchase is what makes it best.

Amazon Prime is not a free-reward or free-loyalty program. Infact amazon prime yearly subscription costs ₹ 1499 (18.77 USD Approx.) in India. Amazon has a 93% boost in retention rate after the first year launch of amazon prime and 85% of prime members visit the amazon at least once in a week and 45% members make orders once in a week. 

3. Starbucks

Starbucks has recorded consistent growth through the loyalty programs. By the end of the second quarter of 2022  Starbucks has 27.4 million, a year-over-year increase of 13%. Starbucks in the loyalty programs world has been one of the finest customer satisfaction brands.

Starbucks rewards customers with “stars”. The more they earn the stars they can get the free coffee and products. Also, Starbucks has offered many programs like celebrating your birthday with a free treat, double bonus star days and access to other exclusive games and offers. Well, it's not just about free coffee but also the experience customers have for 1:1 personalization.

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4. Paytm

Paytm is the most used mobile payment app in India. Paytm started its journey in 2010 and recently started its listing on the NSE as well. Paytm has more than 450 million registered users. People have been used to paytm at current time and people warmly welcome this new concept to avoid carrying cash. Now paytm is one of the biggest payment gateway that even businesses have also integrated the paytm option in their payment gateway. 

5. McDonald

McDonald's has been the first choice of people for Burgers. McDonald  loyalty programs have a Gold points structure. Every single time when a customer orders from McDelivery App or site, he receives the Gold Points, those gold points can be redeemed while paying for the next order. In addition to this, if customer orders from McDelivery App or site and the order exceeds ₹649 customer gets 30% McGold which can be used by customer for three times. 

How to Develop a Loyalty Program?
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Developing loyalty programs is not so hard but not so easy as well. Proper research, strong statistics and target customers will lead to a successful loyalty program. In this competitive market and rushed businesses, customer loyalty programs not only help you in retaining your customer but building your brand loyalty, it keeps customers engaged with your business. 

As per the research more than 70% of people buy more after receiving a reward. 

  • A Unique Name

The foremost step of building a loyalty program is to decide on a unique name. It should be unique with your competitors but also it should have the power to attract customers' eyes, which makes customers curious to get involved in the process. 

  • Reward Variety of Actions

Offer rewards on a variety of actions so that customers feel engaged and those rewards motivate them to further make a purchase. 

  • Offer Variety of Rewards

Offer a variety of rewards , you can’t always choose a discount method. Offer them different kinds of rewards: loyalty points, reward points, coupons, entertainment offers, subscriptions etc. These things keep customers curious about what next and this what next leads to regular engagement.

  • Multiple Enrollment Options 

If you offer your customer to enroll for a program and the customer didn’t join. So, that’s your responsibility to share over the program again, and give them some free loyalty points as they join the program. Do not go for the only way like mailing them, you can use pop-up message after an activity they made over your app or website, you can use push notifications and so on. 

  • Align Non-monetary Incentives with Customer Values

Align the non-monetary incentives like coupons, vouchers, subscriptions as per the customer segmentation. For instance, let's say you’re giving Skinsi Vouchers after a purchase, so you’ve to provide this voucher to the female user of your apps and who are at least above the age 16, but if you send this to all customers, your male customers won’t find it worthy. So, it's better to provide non-monetary incentives as per customer values

5 Best Membership Program Apps

1. Club Mahindra
Club Mahindra Membership Program released the membership program based on color-coded season, customers can use these color codes for their holiday pattern. 

Purple-Code-Season : This is an all season color which means, members can take holiday discounts any time of the year, under this membership option.

Red-Color-Season : This color means members can take holiday anytime during the peak seasons like New Year’s Eve in Goa.

White-Color-Season : The white season is for  an off-season time, that means people who wish to be at less crowded resorts can choose this color to plan their holiday.

Blue-Color-Season : Blue season is for the people who want to opt for a relaxed place to go during non-peak season  for their holiday. 

2. JetAirways
Jet Airways Flyer Program- JetPrivilege, this membership program offers a lot of privileges to its members, under five membership tiers: Blue, Blue Plus, Silver, Gold and the exclusive Platinum.
Customers who fly more miles , will receive more rewards, and their tier will be upgraded quickly, which increases customer retention and engagement. Best part about the upgrade was that customers just need one accrual activity within 12 months with the airline partner.

3. Amazon
Amazon Prime is the Amazon part, which has a paid membership program. Amazon Prime yearly subscription costs ₹1499 in India. Amazon prime has brought the customer engagement and retention rates an amazing boost, which ultimately has raised the bar for returns, and opened the door to revenue generation. From latest movies, music, to amazon prime licensed movies and web series,

Amazon Prime has everything for their customers. Amazon Prime content is worth watching. Nowadays, youth don’t like daily soap dramas, they prefer OTT platforms and Amazon Prime is one of the leading platforms in OTT Industry. 

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4. Jio Mart
Jio Mart has a membership where members enjoy wide range of privileges & benefits and can earn RelianceOne points at the specific reliance stores such as, ,Reliance Digital, Reliance Trends, Reliance Footprints etc.. Every time customer makes a purchase from these stores, he’ll get ROne points, which he can use during billing of the next purchase. Customers can easily take membership through any store during billing just by providing the contact number or Jio mart website also. 

5. Swiggy
Food & Grocery Delivery brand Swiggy has recently launched its membership program Swiggy SUPER, which will gives user unlimited access to free deliveries. As of now, this program is available with two membership program for one month and three month priced ₹99 to ₹149 for one month plan and ₹249 and ₹349 for three month plan. Plan prices vary in different cities and also on consumer buying behavior. In this plan, the company has no surge fees for rain or high demand hours. As per company words, Swiggy will view how the program works and out and will add more features in future.

How to Develop a Membership Program?

A membership program is a type of marketing strategy, where businesses make it paid, and customers have to pay a recurring fee to access the valuable services created by businesses. Membership program provides design for different membership levels, revenue sources, marketing activities and so on.

1. Look in the Mirror

The foremost step you’ve to follow is to identify yourself. Look in the mirror and find who you really are, what are your short and long term goals, what suits you best, who are your customers, what they like, what you’ve to cater to meet their requirements.

2. Clear Offerings

You’ve to be clear on your offering, who your target customers are, what they want , and what you are offering them.

3. Perfect Match

You have to match the wants of your customer  and offerings you made to them. If they’re matching, move on to the next and if they do not rectify the loopholes. Make sure you made a perfect match. 

4. Decide Membership Structure
This is the most crucial part of creating membership deciding about membership structure, that is, it would be free, individual, group or family and most importantly which age group is your target customer. According to all these parameters you’ve to decide the membership structure.

5. Dig Your ROI
While setting the membership structure and pricing plans you’ve to keep in mind your ROI on each membership. Because revenue is the blood of the business. After considering all the incurred costs, you can decide your pricing. 

6. Top of the Mind
Your work doesn't end after launching the membership program, you’ve to take feedback and work on feedback and solve all the loopholes. Apart from this you’ve to keep reminding  your customer about the benefit they’ll have after joining your program.

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