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B2B Ordering Solution

Going business down?  Less Scalability? Less Sales? Competitors are ahead of you? Ahmm... We have a perfect solution!!!


You can make comeback of your business customer every time on their visit to your own platform or app. To target and expand your reach a business must have their own app or platform. B2B ecommerce offers feasibility less formalities and wide market. Businesses of all types are steadily expanding their online reach lured by the many advantages of B2B eCommerce. Many are making a move online to capture additional sales while others invest in eCommerce to offset losses at their physical locations.

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Brand Recognition

With your very own online presence backed by an eCommerce platform, you have full control over growing and promoting your brand. While joining third-party marketplaces may be an attractive low-cost option of getting your brand online, you give up your margins and lose data about your customers. Be strategic and leverage B2B marketplaces as an additional sales channel, not a substitute for your own branded eCommerce site.

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Omni Channel Experience
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Customer Reach

One of the main benefit of ecommerce transformation is omnichannel retail, as it transcends selling barriers posed in offline stores. B2B customers don't have to series of shops or stores and comes up with empty hands. Nowadays, customer can visit website in simple clicks can go check each details for bulk products without wandering on roads.

Your customers are already online searching for the best prices, comparing products, and spending money with companies that meet their requirements. Whether you open a web store or build a B2B marketplace, getting catalogs online allows you to not only reach new markets but centralize data, too. For example, even your physical teams will appreciate a well-organized website. They will have a single source of truth since catalog items, orders, pricing, and history will be easily accessible – whether they’re working remotely or out in the field.

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Relevant Insights
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Integrating eCommerce platform data into other enterprise software (ERP, PIM, Procurement, CRM, etc.) provides you with a holistic view of all business processes. This allows for greater instant insight into the effectiveness of business processes. The benefits of such insights are countless; for example, you can use them to provide recommendations on optimizing price management to increase online sales or reduce costs.

Market Predictability

Unlike other markets, the B2B model has a more stable market. It can also adapt to various conditions within the market. This is important in acquiring more potential customers and resellers. For this reason, it is easy to predict how the market will be in the future based on sales records.

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Sales Increment

In a B2B model, a business has a higher chance of gaining more market. The market demands more for a B2B model in which a business can achieve by coming up with new sales channels. Also, through an online advert, a B2B model can reach more potential customers.B2B commerce can reach a wider market exclusive of the market that is already in existence. This is because B2B models can sell to both consumers and resellers. It is also possible to sell to both online and direct customers, thereby increasing its market.

In B2B ecommerce , you'll not only get new customers but also new recommendations. That will bring sales from sales to you. When customers can self-serve, order, and reorder according to their negotiated terms, previous quotes, or personalized prices, you increase sales and average order values. Ultimately ,sales is the lifeblood of the business the more you'll get it the more you have the life.

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Increased Efficiency

B2B customer will have more control of the entire process on ecommerce platform that not only enables efficiency and transparency but also eliminates the need of calling to talk to someone just to ask for an update of an order. Moreover, you will have better management of the suppliers since you can view what raw inventory is on hand and when, also, you will see the progress of the orders.

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