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Apps Like Uber & Snapchat - Ever Developing

New Idea = App

We are living in the world of apps. Any new idea arising in someone’s mind, gives rise to a new app. Earlier, these apps used to have a single functionality and were used specifically for that purpose. But, now it has become common and inevitable to have a multi- functional, rather multi feature app.

As predicted by Statista, mobile app industry annual revenue is projected to exceed $189 billion by 2020.

For an app development, there are many things to be considered like-

  • Complexity of the app

  • Features included and which will be added in the future

  • Platform

  • Payment options

  • UI/UX

  • Development Period(depending on the platforms and type of app)

  • Manpower/ Developers Involved

  • Location and audience of the app, etc.

  • Competitors in the market

  • Future Developments and marketing strategy

APP DEVEOP_edited.jpg

These are the basic points which need to be taken care of while building an app and these factors differ for each and every app and hence, there is no fixed amount of the cost of the app. But, the approximate values depending upon the type of app can be figured out, in order to get an idea about the same.

What Does An App Like Uber Have?

There are numerous apps in the app store and many get added every day. But only some of them stand out of the crowd, and make way into the ‘installed’ apps of the user’s phone, rather than lying in the store itself or sometimes getting deleted after being used once.

Uber, for instance wasn’t the same since its inception, it has gradually developed after its popularity increased and by getting feedback from the users and increasing its features thereafter. Earlier, it used to connect customers with drivers and accept payments.

The working of this kind of app is divided into two parts as of now containing the following features-

  • Customer side

  • Registration

  • Selection of taxi type

  • Cost calculator

  • Live tracking (Maps, GPS, Routing)

  • Payment

  • Ratings and feedback

  • Booking history

  • Driver side

  • Registration

  • Booking

  • Updating status

  • Booking History

  • Google Map Routing


The working of the app occurs in the following 

  • Passenger requests a through the app, that is directed to the nearest driver around.

  • The driver can accept or deny the request, in case if the driver rejects the request, then the user’s request will be automatically sent to the next nearest driver available

  • Once a driver accepts the offer — connection between driver and passenger appears.

  • App shows all the relevant driver’s information, that includes his account info, location on the map and estimated arrival time.

  • Payment can be through the card or cash, as per the wish of the passenger. Method of payment is chosen by the passenger.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the app depends on the various factors as mentioned above, and sometimes on the location too, hence the approximate hours required, and the prices accordingly, to develop the whole app with the customer and driver side development, 

  • The time period is around 10-15 weeks.

  • Cost for Android and iOS technologies - 10-80$ per hour (India).

The cost of development of these apps in India is quite less than compared to the rest of the world.

Screenshot (163)_edited.jpg
 What Does An App like Snapchat Have?

Snapchat has many different features, of which its specialities are the filters and self-destruct feature. Along with apps like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat has found its own place, where people turn into storytellers!!

As we know, any app development depends on the features it has. The more the unique features, the more the time taken to develop it, the more costlier and complex it gets.

Snapchat includes the following features-

  • Registration

  • Name, Dob and other details

  • Nickname


The steps involved in it are-


  1. When the app is opened, it asks to click on a circle button, on the bottom of the screen and creates a Snap or simply a photo.

  2. After that,a filter, text or emoji can be added. Next, is to tap the “send message” button and select a person or a group of people.

  3. The recipient gets the notification about the message on the top of Snapchat window.

  4. When it is opened the message is visible for several seconds, and self-destructs.


Another option is to take a Snap in a form of a 10 seconds video. To record a video ,we need to press and hold the circle button.

Some other features included in it are-

  • Add by snapcode.

  • Add nearby(friends).

  • Share username: allows you to send a link on your profile with a snapcode via email, sms and all possible messaging apps and social networks.

  • Find and add a person using their Snapchat username.

  • Chat 2.0: its own powerful text chat along with voice and video calling.

  • Stories help users share their photo and videos to their friends and which remains for 24 hrs. The feature was later named ‘Live Stories’.

  • Discover option helps in exploring stories from editorial teams like Buzzfeed, CNN, Mashable etc.

Screenshot (164)_edited.jpg
How Much Does It Cost?

For the present features in Snapchat, considering the team members, features, app platform, design and development, the cost comes to,

Total time required to develop: 30-40$ per hour. 

Total Cost to develop the app in India : 40k -55k $ 

Screenshot (164)_edited.jpg

No matter how long it takes to develop the idea or find a creative solution to provide in an app, it doesn’t matter, what really matters is that what the startup does in actual. Either it attracts the masses or it turns out as another app on the market.

The biggest takeaway in this article is that if you want to go big in the entrepreneurship game, then find something new to offer to the audience that has been using Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Uber already. Make them think about your app that it’s something new, even interesting.

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